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Being part of the art of science, Interior design holds one of the major branches of creative design and decoration. By enhancing the interior features of a structure or building, interior designing creates a healthier and more pleasing atmospheric mood towards the indoors by enhancing the interior design features and making it aesthetically beautiful. By the right procedures and development for the indoors, spaces are being improved according to the concept which is being required to be formed.

Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the most prestigious and well-known interior design companies in the world. Over many years, this company has been established and continues to spread the right definition of artistic interior design. By providing the most absolute design developments and outstanding procedures Luxury Antonovich Design Company has brought out the best of the best interior projects whether it is for residential, commercial, hospitality, industrial, etc. In this article, let us know further about the real forms of artistic interior design, as the Luxury Antonovich Design elaborates the importance of 10 main elements of interior design.


1. SPACES – This is the base of every interior, where every decoration and design is being formed. It is also known as the heart of every virtual interior design. When it comes to interior designing, two categories is being known as the form of every space which is the 2-D space that indicates the length and width of the area, and 3-D space that indicates the height details. When we talked about spaces, balance is very important. It is the major key to achieving the perfect form of style towards the interior to meet the most functional and effective design.

2. LINES – Any form of art and design is being started with lines. And when it comes to interior designing, lines hold one of the major roles, whether it is for decorations or outline. Every interior design is being developed and started with fine arts which are being composed of drawings and layout. From this stage, creating a group of lines is being conducted to be able to meet the actual design structure that needs to be performed in the actual design. When it comes to the actual interior design, the line stands as the perimeter around every form of shape, style, and decoration detail. Even lines also indicate different types of symbols for the interiors, for example; Vertical lines express bold in style, while horizontal lines bring out the mood of security and dynamic lines create the feeling of joy, freewill, and excitement. That is why performing different types of lines is being used strategically to be able to achieve the most satisfying mood of art.

3. FORMATION – It represents shapes and style that expresses an amazing artwork. It can be furniture, sculpture, painting, photograph, accessories, or other forms of decoration that gives an enhancement towards the interior. Formations also have different categories that may feature in organic forms, natural or irregular shapes, curves, and abstract. Different geometric forms that feature sharp edges, fine lines, squares, and the triangle is also categorized as basic form of interiors.

4. PALETTES – Or known as colors is more than just an aesthetic form of design towards the interior. Pallets can change the overall view and mood of every interior design. Palettes can also be a sign of different moods such as dramatic by using darker hues and bold shapes and cozy by using a more vibrant and neutral palette. Choosing the right color that is being implemented in every interior design is such a very important stage in interior designing as it can change the visual appearance according to the concept and style that the interior design is representing.

5. LIGHTING – It has the greatest power that affects every interior mood and perception. High-quality lighting towards the interior is very important to achieve the finest brightness that will be enhancing the mood and atmosphere of the interior design. Choosing the right lighting mode is also depends on the concept design which is being featured in the interior.

6. PATTERN – Creative design pattern is usually being implemented for the walls. Creative patterns featuring shapes and graphics are being formed in wall panels, wallpapers, and sometimes an actual wall painting. Fabrics can also be used to enhanced different types of patterns for the interior. Artistic patterns give an attitude or character in every interior design.

7. TEXTURE – There is usually a misconception between pattern and texture. Keep in mind that pattern refers to visual designs and texture is the way an object feels. In every interior design, there are huge sets of textures that are being found, it can be fabric, furniture finishing, and other modes of decoration touches. Texture emphasizes the class and glam of every object and its design. The thickness, materials, and finishing are usually the basis of every texture that contributes to an amazing design structure in every interior.

8. MATERIALS – This completes the entire mood of every interior. Materials can be referring to the furniture and its composition as well as different modes of decoration and accessories. Each material that is being used for interior design is being chosen according to the concept and level of style which is being emphasized in every project.

9. MOOD – It can be another term for concept design. That is why interior design mood is being defined according to what the setting is being featured. We are often being heard about cozy mood, elegant mood, sophisticated mood, and even environmental friend mood. Every interior design represents different forms of mood. For a more personalized design. Performing the right touches of mood in every interior should always be representing the personality and lifestyle of its owner. There is nothing that can be more relaxing and satisfying than having the perfect mood of interior design that features the interests of its owner.

10. ATMOSPHERE – This element is being achieved successfully once all the above-mentioned elements have been done accordingly. The greatest atmosphere of every interior design can be accomplished with a completely accurate performance that has been done.

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