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To create a cozy atmosphere in the house, it is not enough just to make a modern repair, hang beautiful curtains or buy stylish furniture. At first glance, little things seem to give a special atmosphere to the interior space: an exclusive figurine, an exquisite casket, an original ceramic flowerpot, a non-standard design of a candlestick, etc. The decor harmoniously matched to the existing interior is able to create a special aura in the house and emphasize its individuality.

Today, you can buy all the decor items and designer original things without any problems. Luxury Antonovich Design presents a wide range of decorative products for every taste:

  • glass, ceramic, marble vases, pots of various shapes and colors;
  • bronze, metal, glass, polymer figurines made in the form of figures of people, animals and plants;
  • unique artificial branches and flowers;
  • stylish panels: bronze, ceramic, metal, glass;
  • original candles and candlesticks;
  • mirrors in silver and gold frames;
  • exclusive knives and trays for correspondence;
  • photo albums and photo frames;
  • puffs, skins, etc.


There are basic rules that should be followed when choosing decor items from Luxury Antonovich Design:

— do not clutter up the free space with a lot of things;

— use products in the same color scheme;

— adhere to ornaments that are similar in color or shape;

— use bright decorations that can dilute a monochrome boring environment;

— avoid excessive concentration of decor at one point;

— take into account the intensity of lighting and the size of the room.

The designers of our company offer to pick up and buy a designer home decor (decorative products, things, objects, parts, elements, accessories) for interior decoration of a separate room or private house in an individual style.

Decor elements have always been and will be a universal gift that is suitable for people with different interests and hobbies. So, going for a housewarming party with friends, grab a decorative pillow with a universal print or an original wooden candlestick. Such decor of the apartment will definitely not leave them indifferent.

Decorate your apartment or house with style — choose stylish and beautiful accessories! Each shelf, each table needs a piece of decor — so the room will never look empty and inexpressive. In our showroom you can buy a variety of interior items with delivery.

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