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Furniture KITCHEN

Kitchen dining furniture

About the status of the owners largely indicates not only the living room but also the dining room. In it often spending house parties, gala lunches, and dinners. Comfortable, beautiful and functional sets of kitchen dining room furniture, which are able to add to the everyday life sophistication and elegance, play an important role in equipping of the interior of the premises.

The main criteria when choosing a kitchen and dining room furniture

If the area of the house or apartment does not allow to allocate a separate room for the dining room, the perfect solution would be to choose furniture for the kitchen. Option plan "kitchen-dining room" is convenient because the room, with the help of the arch or the bar, is divided into working and eating area. This is the best version of the rational use of square meters.

If there is a possibility to allocate a separate room for the dining room, it is time to make sure that it is decorated with the proper kitchen & dining furniture. The table - the main thing in any furniture set. For a considerable time it was in the field of view of international designers. Pros are looking for new approaches to its design, gives the own interpretation of functions and offer models of unusual and ultra-modern materials.

kitchen and dining room furniture - it is also a set of chairs, the number of which depends on the dimensions of the countertopThe set can be supplemented with the serving table, which is indispensable for the effective submission of meals and transportation dishes in the dining room from the kitchen. These tables are typically used in hotels, restaurants. The main requirement is the functionality to furniture for dining rooms. The reason is simple: the meal must not diverted because of any inconvenience.

Stools, benches, bar stools, benches, ottomans, chests of drawers, display cases, shelves, tables and the whole modular system perfectly complement the interior. Do You want exclusivity? Then choose a designer kitchen dining furniture, which you can buy without much hassle. At Luxury Antonovich Design website features products from the best factories in Italy, Spain, France, USA, Germany. The use of traditional techniques and new solutions allow professionals to create collections which are very popular.

We offer thousands of models in a variety of stylistic solutions. Classic or Glamour? Look for options for the dining room in the Moroccan or oriental style? Minimalism - is your all? Give preference to modern trends? You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. When choosing a kitchen and dining room furniture is important colors. And well-organized space - it's good. Perfectly chosen shapes, colors, textures - it is excellent. In the production of sets presented on our website use a variety of materials. Wood, glass, fabric, natural leather and leatherette, gold, silver, veneer, rattan, crystal, ceramics ... At your service detailed photos and detailed specifications of models. Get acquainted with the assortment and order.

If you have questions, please contact. We will advise and help you choose the best option for the dining room of your dreams.

Benefits the dining room kitchen

The expansion of space, a sense of perspective and space, more light and air. You can save on the purchase of an additional TV and a dining table for the kitchen. Save time and effort - no need to run around the apartment with trays and plates, opening the door , and then stumbling over the thresholds.

Creating culinary masterpieces are possible simultaneously communicating with the guests and family.

    For an open space perfectly suited layout in a form island or peninsula, which includes a U-shaped single-row or in the middle of it a corner model with an extra work surface a la "island". However, such a layout would be appropriate only if it is visually will not encumber the space of the kitchen-dining room.

    It is convenient to separate the dining area from the operating area , placing in addition, the

    breakfast bar will help the angular (L-shaped) layout. It's hard to find the best option to create an ergonomic work triangle, where household appliances and furniture are placed along two adjacent walls. Not suitable angular layout only for very narrow spaces.

    • If the maximum space decided to allocate for the zone of rest and meals, the best solution would be a single-row linear layout, which allows one side of the room to place all the kitchen furniture, appliances, and utensils. In this case, instead of the traditional kitchen units appropriate to use the functional kitchenette where on minimal space is ergonomically placed the main operating components - stove, sink, refrigerator, dryer, hanging and floor cupboards, furniture.

    • For the kitchen-dining room is suitable a combined scheme, which is complemented by an angular working zone, which perpendicular to a dining table or a serving table. Correctly calculated the length of the table will not violate the harmony of the dining room and working area with a passage area.


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