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Glass doors


One of the most popular fit-out materials for doors in modern interiors is glass. Our company uses it in the manufacture of doors that not only perform normal functions, but also serve as a stylish decorative ornament in the interior of an apartment or house. In the manufacture of products of the highest category from Luxury Antonovich Design special glass is used — tempered or consisting of several sheets glued together. Materials of both varieties are famous for their strength and strength. Thanks to its security, the elite glass door can be freely used in organizing home interiors.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company carries out orders for the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of glass interior doors. We bring to your attention truly exclusive glass products — interior glass doors. These glass doors will uniquely, originally and extravagantly highlight and emphasize the exclusive style of your dining room, living room or work office. Interior glass doors presented in our showroom will create coherence, harmony of light and privacy of your interior.

Elite glass doors from Luxury Antonovich Design Company will contribute to the realization of the most spectacular and non-standard artistic techniques in the interior. The refined appearance, visual lightness, and the ability to blend into the compositions of various styles inherent in translucent structures made them a favorite tool for designers and architects. Glass doors filters, scatters, colors and reflects the rays, complementing the outfit of the room with the main accessory — light.


According to the type of opening, glass doors manufactured by Luxury Antonovich Design are divided into:

— pendular doors (can open in both directions);

— hinged doors (open to the outside or inside the room);

— sliding doors of automatic and manual opening;

— radius doors — trendy design direction. The feature that characterizes them is the use of curved glass. It can be either convex or concave.

By type of construction, we produce interior doors of two types: frame and frameless. The framework for a glass surface can be wood or metal, as a rule, an aluminum profile. Frameless or all-glass interior doors are made entirely of strong tempered glass. In this case, there is no box, so these doors are only pendulum or sliding.

Luxury Antonovich Design produces interior glass doors and sliding partitions that can decorate and optimize your interior with all its functional and stylistic features. For your imagination there is a large selection of glass doors of different colors with the possibility of applying various drawings, hand-paintings, classic stained-glass structures, decorated with gilding or encrusted with precious stones, engraving with the formation of flat or deep three-dimensional drawings, as well as using the technology of deep sandblasting. Paying decent attention to the decoration of glass paintings, your doors by Luxury Antoinovich Design will be as decorative as functional.

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