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Exclusivity in bedroom design


This bedroom is definitely the definition of luxury. The musky wood tones create a bold and strong appeal that makes the room unique in every way. This exclusive bedroom is designed with a careful mixture of elements, pattern, texture, and color which creates a wonderful visual impact in the bedroom. Youll notice how the Luxury Antonovich Design team was able to fill up the bedroom space without making it look too overwhelming. The sitting area is an amazing addition which takes up enough space to make the room look well planned without making it look too cluttered. The deep green shade creates a rich yet restful look in the bedroom. You will notice that the style is inviting and relaxing at the same time. The layers of texture add a nice depth of dimension to the room. You will notice the beautiful ceilings that are played with a crafted design with modern lighting solutions. The team of professionals made sure that the tones are balanced and that the light installments create a bright and fresh look inside the bedroom.


Nothing beats a warm, cozy, and tranquil bedroom. The Luxury Antonovich Design professionals are taking this bedroom interior to a whole new different level. Here are some of the guidelines that might also help you.

  • Decorative walls: Adding texture and color to your walls will add a nice contrast that will add depth and aesthetics to the bedroom decor.
  • Standout Headboard: The luxe headboard creates a glam look which gives the bedroom an impressive look.
  • Lighting: The ceiling features a fixed pin lightings with a center chandelier piece which sets as a focal point in the bedroom. The crystal chandelier is a great accent which steals the spotlight of the entire bedroom design.
  • Pillows: Pillows are a great way to add decoration without going too much. Its small and its easy to style with. The company also customize cushions and pillows so youll be sure that they create it intricately just for you. For extra luxurious look choose elegant fabrics like velvet or silk.
  • Lamps and nightstands: These are essential when it comes to bedroom furniture. It adds a nice warm look and a luxurious twist that is reflective in the entire room.

Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the leading architecture and design firm. The company makes sure that they provide their clients with the best home solutions that will improve their home and their lifestyle. The exclusivity of each design reflects each client. The companys design depends on the character and the demands of each client. Feel free to let us know about your thoughts and share us your ideas. Together let up build your dream bedroom.

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