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home interior design Miami

Modern in the South

Situated in the south, Miami is a city in Florida with a fast-paced world that sprawls in sleek and elegant design. The professional designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design firm always make sure that aesthetics meets functionality. By handling the designing from beginning to end the design will surely be an amazing construction. The people in Miami knows design well thats why the Luxury Antonovich Design company makes sure that they leverage with the demands and requirements of their clients. In this model home that is designed by the firm, you will see that not all modern designs are intimidating.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The whole modern design is based on clean lines and more on the simplicity side of design. The consideration of picking colors are more than often neutral but in this model that the Luxury Antonovich Design created the design has a blue and gold accent colors which add depth and character to the room. The interior of this bedroom is well planned and mapped out to make sure that the area has more space and the furniture is less crowded.

  • The Decor: A white bedroom gives a more relaxed look and it is usually thought to be calm and serene. While this is true, adding an accent color like in the model above makes more sense and adds more depth to the room itself. The blue shade gives it a cool and calming vibe, while gold represents luxury.
  • Cohesive Design: The style is more on the harmonious side, making sure that every element complements the other. It is nice to see a cohesive design where the combination of interior decorations look better together and harmonizes the room creating a well-curated bedroom.
  • Choice of furniture: Bedroom furniture with the modern touch might seem to be different at first. The number of furniture to be added in the room depends on how big or small this is. Making sure that theres enough space for everything in the room. There are a mirror and a dresser, theres a side table which also has a lamp on top of it and the headboard that is cozy and fluffy.
  • Walk-in closet: Everyone dreams of having their own walk-in closet. In this model design, the closet is organized well separating the types of clothes and having enough space for the clients to walk in and out of the closet.

Modern bedroom design sometimes can be tricky because of how it incorporates different styles. Our professionals make sure that the design is aligned to your preference and theme and that reflects the clients personality making the design look more character filled.

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