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Elegant Infant Room Design

Elegant Infant Room Design

A baby room’s design is a very important consideration for your childs growth.

With Luxury Antonovich Design we make sure that your home is safe for your children, without losing the quality of designs. We.make sure to cover up all of the electrical sockets and place away all the things that can harm your child. Katrina Antonovich our chief interior designer believes that this is a more important to ensure the Child’s safety first.

Even though there are other important things than baby room decoration, still a baby needs a calming environment where he or she can grow happy and healthy. It is a simple statement that babies, just as much as everyone else if not more so, are effected by the way that their environment looks. A well planned and designed infant room will do amazing things for your child.One of the most significant factor in planning a baby room is the color scheme. Smooth pastel colors will make the ambiance pleasing for the baby. That’s why we at Luxury Antonovich Design makes sure that the room feels warm and cozy.

Our aim is to provide the parents the safety of their children and provide their children a very comfortable and luxurious room. We ensure the safety without compromising the style. We still use High-end Wallpapers that is in pastel colors, and accentuate the furnitures with pastel hues to give that fresh vibe. The chandelier can be adjusted according to how bright you want it to be, to control the brightness and darkness in the room. An over all luxurious experience for your children.

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