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Contemporary - Chic Style Bedroom

The lightness and the feeling of complete freedom this wonderful bedroom interior in a modern style gives. Interior Designers of studio Antonovich design combine minimalism and modern, to get such a vivid and yet elegant interior.Warm colors range, from milky white to pale pink, fills the room with warm and cozy mood.The Pleasant feeling of warmth very nature has brought into the interior by decor made of wood valuable species.Decor panel of the wall, behind the headboard, combined wonderfully with a large and functional wardrobe.The decor of the walls in the interior of a bedroom in modern style became the bright accent.The wall behind the headboard upholstered and decorated by a soft panel made of the genuine leather color of milk chocolate. And the very shape of the panel is visually reminiscent of a chocolate bar.Such refined and "delicious" moments in the interior of the bedroom makes it a special and unique.Another striking element in the interior of the bedroom was the ceiling decor. Deep niche visually makes the room higher.It is illuminated by the entire perimeter of soft line illumination.And in the center, ceiling decorated quite a large crystal chandelier in a modern style.Complement the interior lighting, elegant lamps on the bedside tables. For floorings, designers have offered precious marble and natural fluffy carpet.Curtains in the modern style of genuine silk pink hue became a beautiful finishing touch in this cozy bedroom interior. Design in a contemporary style becomes a great opportunity to fill the house with originality and exquisite charm.

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