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Finest Comfort in Bedroom design


How to equip the family bedroom? What you need to know about the principles of decoration, lighting and planning, so that this room gives pleasure and enriches family life with positive emotions?

It is believed that the colors in the bedroom should be muted, soft to create an atmosphere of peace. But the family bedroom is not contraindicated to use bright colors and eye-catching decor. According to Katrina Antonovich, it is important not to overdo it; it is better to place design accents not in front of the bed, but at the head or side, or shift accents to textiles (bed linen, bedspread, easily shifted part of curtains). Another option is to make a bright decor for a while invisible (provide the window with thick curtains that create a deep blackout, for example, with a thicker opaque fabric).

Turquoise is one of those colors that is cute to most people. This is the color of the sea, lakes, pools, exotic waterfalls. It is not for nothing that they call it the color of relaxation, enjoyment and wonderful mood. In recent years, turquoise is a trend of interior fashion. Luxury Antonovich Design uses it in decoration and fit-out.


Turquoise is not just soothing. It helps to fully relax, restore energy, be filled with new forces. This color stimulates thinking, promotes mental attitude. In the turquoise bedroom it is useful not only to fall asleep, but also to wake up. It can be used as one of the primary colors or as an accent, as in the interior of the bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design. We decorated in turquoise accent the wall behind the bed headboard, and also decorated the neutral beige room with turquoise furniture, paintings and curtains.

The combination with neutral and conditionally neutral shades (white, gray, beige, brown) allows to create a calm, elegant interior from Luxury Antonovich Design. The style can be anything: Scandinavian, modern classical, glamorous, vintage, etc. Such bedroom will in any case be discreet, elegant, serene.

In the bedroom with the use of turquoise in the decoration the furniture plays an important role, as it gives it airiness and lightness. Luxury Antonovich Design designers advise choosing furniture of not large sizes, except for a bed, in order to add elegance to a room. Having the classic style of the bedroom as in this case, use the right size furniture — square-shaped cabinets, a huge rectangular bed. The bed can be slightly decorated in bright colors, so it will attract more attention. Walls in pastel light colors, snowy white ceiling, beige floor — this Luxury Antonovich Design trim is suitable for a well-lit sunny bedroom.

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