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Modern Class clinic design concepts


Office interiors is one of the main activities of the Luxury Antonovich Design. Modern office interior design is composed primarily of its brevity. Business style is a certain restraint of lines, rigor, practicality. Reception zone is a “face” of any company. This is the first thing that a visitor sees when entering the office, here people create an initial opinion about the company. Reception area is the place where important organizational tasks are being solved. That is why the convenience of work and the quality of communication will depend on how comfortable and functionally the reception zone by Luxury Antonovich Design will be organized.

The reception zone bears a multifunctional load: the reception and distribution of visitors is combined with the presentation role, it forms the image of the company. In addition, the reception area may have a wider significance and may include not only a rack with a waiting area, but also a meeting area, dressing room, information area. Therefore, it is very important for Luxury Antonovich Design to correctly plan and organize the space in the reception area. This task is impossible without a competent drawing up of the design project of the reception. Designers and decorators of our company can offer you the best design of the reception area LA, as well as help with the choice of materials, fit out style, furniture and equipment of this important part of the office.


Professional and qualified team tries to ensure that the design project LA of the office from Luxury Antonovich Design always meets all customer expectations in 1000%. To do this, we create an effective interaction with the customer:

  • Preliminary consultation. The designer takes into account your wishes, offers suitable solutions, helps to determine the style.
  • Measurements and design drawings. At this stage, you will be able to visually see how the design of the office will look in general (zoning, planning), and our designers will appreciate the specifics of the premises.
  • Calculating the cost. After the approval of preliminary layouts and drawings, the cost of all designs and furniture is calculated.
  • Detailed visualization. 3D project of the office interior, which will demonstrate how the premises will look after all the work.
  • Authors supervision. To ensure that the interior of the office exactly corresponds to the project, LAD monitors the progress of construction, controls the quality of work and materials used.

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