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Chandelier Expert Design


Decorative lighting like a chandelier creates a mood of an overall ambiance and elegance in a room. Chandelier also brings out an important feel and texture in a home. Chandeliers have different light levels that add a different look to any room. It can be adjusted with dim light function, it can also be the main lighting source or just an accent light. This type of lighting creates a focal point whether it is in a dining room, living room, bedroom, and sometimes if space is big enough bathrooms look good with chandeliers too. In a dining room, chandeliers are placed over a table which draws attention with the casted light from the chandelier. Pendant lights are also another good choice for lighting it reflects light upward and downward. Before we create your lighting plan, our team considers the place, the activities in the area and the style of the homeowners. We want to make sure that there is enough lighting that is supplied by the chandelier. We design custom made bespoke lightings.

Katrina Antonovich - Best In Chandelier Lighting

  • Accent Light: Using chandeliers as accent lighting creates a brilliant and shiny look to your home. Chandeliers can set the mood in your home and it also brings the best look in your house design. Using chandelier as an accent light needs proper designing to make sure that it stands out but it still supplies enough lighting.
  • General Light: General lighting illuminates the whole space. A chandelier that serves as a general light should have enough light to go to illuminate any room. It should be bright with the utmost elegance. Light bounces off walls and ceilings to cover as much area as possible. General lighting can come from up-lights or down-lights.


The glamorous look of a chandelier can transform any given space. From the living room to the kitchen, there is always going to be a place for a chandelier in every room of your home. Here are some of our ideas on how you can place a chandelier in each part of your home.

  • Entrance: If you want to make a statement in your entryway, then it is best to add a chandelier that hangs at your doorstep. It creates a dramatic look and it also brings an extra luxurious look.
  • Living Room: The chandelier light is perfect to add a decorative presence in your living room. It doesnt always have to be made of crystals, we also build different materials and designs for each chandelier to make your room look more presentable.
  • Dining Room: A dining room is where chandeliers are most expected to be placed. Whether you want a more romantic style, classic, modern, these pieces always add a playful look that adds to the aesthetic of your dining space.

Whether you want to place it in your bedroom, bathroom, or any other place in your home, it is best to hire an expert especially if it involves electricity. This will keep your home safe and it will also have a better look. Feel free to message us for more information.

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