The interior design of the  Katrina Antonovich designer's  studio - is an exclusive, luxury, renovated interior of the house. Elegant and refined interiors with fine artistic taste - the profile of the work of our design Luxury Antonovich Design studio. We will create for you the masterpieces of design art - respectable, prestigious, fashionable and beautiful interior design that will match your status, image, and individual psychological type! The Design of the apartment or private home will delight you and your guests! For the realization of  design  projects, we produce high-quality luxury design turnkey. Project implementation performed by a professional, competent, proven and reliable construction companies, which can make even the most incredible design project a reality.

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We offer interior luxury to its clients. Each project ahead of time and becomes a masterpiece of design art, which will not be is subject to neither time nor taste. What is Design World best interior design home? Yes, it is a luxury. Luxury is different, and it does not necessarily - gilding wherever possible, only fine wood or stone. Design in the Rococo style. Not at all. The interior may be even in the laconic modern style, but, nevertheless, it will be understood that it is luxurious.
First of all, it is aristocracy. Interior Design lux - is an aristocratic, always, no matter what style decorated room, and what kind of room. Refinement and good taste, discreet chic - perhaps it also is a luxury design. It is clear that these interiors are "turn-key", that the customer gets a ready premise to live, with everything you need including linens, dishes, decorative items and even gadgets.
Of course, there is no place for cheap materials. Only the best from the best manufacturers, everything from plastering and ending with switches.Wallpaper, tile, and other finishing materials, lighting fixtures, accessories - from the latest collections of well-known brands or exclusive, designed to order. Interior design luxury high-tech, because the modern luxury means comfort. Today, comfort is a  high-tech, "smart" house, a degree of "reasonable" depends on the wishes of its owner. Work of the designer, in this case, is to harmoniously combine modern technology and any kind of design. Luxury Interiors always distinguished among others.Thus the original "Mona Lisa" is distinguished among magazine reproductions. Designers Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is capable of creating such interiors - you can see for yourself in this.
First of all, the taste and consistency, clever use of space, luxury fittings, creating an impression of elegance and sophistication, even if design solutions deliberately simple . When looking at this interior becomes immediately clear - it is not for a mass market, not a massive project, a special design, created specifically for this house or apartment.In such an interior everything in its place - and all exclusive. Often, to create a luxury interior using furniture made on individual projects.This allows you to  develop the special style and sophistication, not only in a flat, but also, for example, a network of boutiques, restaurants,  or a large firm the office. To order the interior design project of this class, you must be clear about the purpose of the premise. Of course, the creation of the interior, selection of original accessories, making individual orders will take time. But such an interior will crash into the memory of guests and visitors, without too much pomp, pointing the status of the owner.  The beauty and elegance of the interior will be associated with its owner, if it is a house or apartment, and create the image of a person with great taste who loves beauty. The restaurant, boutique, or the sports center exclusive interior luxury will emphasize customer care. To cause in  them a sense of self-worth - and, of course, emphasize the exclusivity, its purpose for the elite who can appreciate this beauty. This luxury design can immediately enhance the status of a cafe, hotel or business center.

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