LANDSCAPE DESIGN of the Company Luxury Antonovich Design - is a unique, individual design of your site!Landscaping and garden design, landscaping areas and their design can be a simple and affordable step towards creating your own garden if professionals work on the creation of landscape design. Landscape gardening, planting shrubs, bushes, laying of lawns and arrangement of flower beds.Gardening is a fascinating activity that requires creativity and knowledge of the plant kingdom, the main task is to make the garden landscaping complete, individual and unique.
Planting of trees and bushes, laying of lawns, and flower beds arrangement, refers to landscaping. Landscaping territory is an integral part towards creating the garden.This includes the arrangement of engineering communications, drainage systems, the arrangement of roads and paths, an artificial pond or waterfall, that is all necessary systems in the garden. In other words, the creation of conditions for a comfortable stay. No less important other landscaping elements: retaining walls, if the site has a slope; playground and car parking; irrigation system for good plant growth; stairs to walk on the slopes; ponds and waterfalls to create a microclimate in the garden.

Company Luxury Antonovich Design - landscaping from design to implementation.

Landscaping with the company Luxury Antonovich Design - is high-quality lawns, original compositions of ornamental trees and shrubs, magnificent flower gardens and flowerbeds, cozy gazebos, rocky terraces, ponds and streams with clean running water, cascades and fountains, spectacular lighting, fancy rock gardens, and paths. Our company offers a full range of services in landscape design from designing to creating a fully landscaped area with all the elements of landscape design.  Only we have an expert-dendrologist who will select the best range of greenery, soil scientist-ecologist will create an optimal environment for the pond, and a landscape designer will develop a unique style landscape territory, according to your preferences.

We implement a variety of landscape forms, consulting on landscaping, providing landscape architecture design.Our employees have more than hundreds of completed projects. Our company can make absolutely any type of landscaping.For example, we will design, calculate and create even the most complex drainage system, including under forest cover. We have considerable experience in planting large trees (including winter varieties), we will select and deliver, providing a guarantee of our trees. Also, we carry out the professional care of private gardens and sites created by other landscape designers.

The cycle of works on gardening begins with a topographical survey, and then analyzed the soil cover, the composition of the soil, hydrological conditions and then an experienced landscape architect proceeds to the drafting of landscape design of your site. This stage lasts up to two months depending on the level of your queries.As a result, for the final approval, the client is given the general site plan, according to which on the site begins construction of landscape forms. All construction work performed qualified staff under the supervision of engineers and designers.When building using specialized equipment and certified materials, including high-quality large-sized plants and seedlings from nurseries. All made by us landscape works are accompanied by a one-year warranty, and, on request, the contract for the subsequent after-sales service.
The flexibility of our price policy is based on reliable partners and suppliers of equipment, materials, and plants that we use in landscaping and gardening of your the site and therefore we are pleased to offer you a discount system that will significantly reduce your costs on planting the territory. Landscaping project of a park zone or a garden, you can order in our company, is a successful combination of creative approach, precise knowledge of the rules of landscape design and years of experience of its employees.

An embodiment of your dreams about a beautiful garden - our main goal!


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