Life is given for enjoying every moment of it. Absolutely all important events in our life are accompanied by flowers. Without them, it is impossible to imagine a single significant event. The art of creating flower compositions is called floristry.

Dubai is not only the most beautiful city in the world but also the capital, where you can book decoration of any event.

In  Wedding floristry of Luxury Wedding Service, there are professional florists who can feel your desires and realize them. Live flowers are used if you need decoration of entrance halls, hotels, shops, presentations, receptions, etc. They can create a festive mood during anniversaries, banquets, corporate events, concerts, installations and New Year's holidays. But, of course, a special place is occupied by wedding floristics.

One of the main holidays in our life requires a huge preparatory work. Every little thing matters. A wedding simply cannot be imagined without flowers. Floristics in Dubai allows you to embody any fantasy. Wedding - huge space for creativity for florists imagination and creativity. With flowers can be decorated absolutely everything. The main hall for the celebration includes the newlyweds 'zone, guests' tables, wedding arch, a walkway for groom and bride. The decoration of the hall takes up most of the florists time. It is impossible to manage without the zone for photos «Brend-wall», refreshments and a Candy bar. Not to mention the out-of-town and outdoor decoration.Luxury Wedding Service has a unique experience in yachts decoration!

The exquisite design of events will forever remain in the memory of your friends and relatives. The obligatory attribute of each wedding is the bride's bouquet. This is a small flower composition that fits comfortably in the bride's hands. It emphasizes the beauty and tenderness of the bride.

Wedding floristry of  Luxury Wedding Service creates the style of your celebration of love.

All the small details add together and form aт organic whole of your joint celebration. Live flowers, which are used to decorate a wedding, should ideally match the decor, emphasize of the newlywed's style - everything should be in harmony.

Floristics in Dubai will make your wedding unique and unrepeatable. Come to our floristics salon. Dubai, a city where the design group Luxury Wedding Service will help you with the design of the happiest day of your life ... You will be delighted with the beauty of wedding floristics.

Wedding decoration - one of the new activities of our studio. We are always ready to offer you a wide variety of ideas, floristic solutions, and wedding options. We work with different materials, natural and artificial: flowers, decor, floristic accessories, fabric, branches of trees, berries and even fruits. Preference is given to natural materials and living flowers. Because they look natural and shine "living energy." Wedding decoration for us, in the first place, is an opportunity to create, use imagination and skills in practice. Secondly, for us, it is a favorite profession and the most beautiful business in the world. Wedding decoration always begins with a personal meeting with the client. You tell us about your preferences; In turn, we show our portfolio and photos of the decorations that have already taken place so that you have an idea of the style of our work. Further, based on your wishes, we develop at least 2-3 design concepts that are radically different from each other. After all the adjustments, we together with you choose and approve the best option for decorating your wedding. From this moment you can completely relax. Now we are responsible for the beauty of your wedding! When, finally, the most solemn and exciting day in your life comes, we will make for you an unforgettable and beautiful wedding decorations, of which you could only have dreamed of before!

Perhaps you have long drawn in your imagination the picture of your wedding, and maybe, on the contrary, you have no idea how everything will look. Well, in both cases, you are uniquely lucky, because you have visited the website, where you always get professional advice and will be able to satisfy your taste preferences.

Wedding decorations - not just our job, it is our art, in which we put all our mind, strength, and time. Caring for each client, we always pursue the goal to satisfy the individual needs of each of them. That is why, that assortment of flowers, which is presented in our online catalog, is able to please even the most demanding client. Here you will find a full range of floral compositions that combine luxury and simplicity. Each couple will like with our assortment.

Wedding floristry in Dubai is able to emphasize the sophistication of the place in which the celebration will be held, or vice versa - to become that missing note in the interior, which was so lacking.

In order to make the wedding day truly unforgettable - you should entrust decorations to the hands of true professionals of Luxury Wedding Service We will decorate the banquet hall, restaurant or open area at the highest level.