Girls bedroom design for a girl has the same gentle and easy image, as the owner of the room. Girls room ideas from Katrina Antonovich are based on the understanding of trends in modern design and features of children’s psychology.

Teenage bedroom design

Each comfortable kids bedroom design is based on the following points:

  • Child’s psychology;
  • Unique design;
  • Selection of decoration materials.

Child’s Psychology

This is the most important moment in the creation of kids bedroom designs. In the first stages of the project, we take into account the age and sex of the child. Then we select colors and decor. In this project, Dubai interior designer Katrina Antonovich proposed a pastel range of light blue. To make accents, the interior is made in the bright colors and exquisite details. For the teen girl, this is the best option. The color scheme has a calming and relaxing effect. Which is very important at this age, when a person is full of energy and needs to relax and unwind in her luxurious room.

Teenage bedroom design

The unique teenage bedroom interior design

The interior design especially underlines the uniqueness of the teenager, her bright character. Therefore, Luxury Antonovich Design Studio continues to offer unique solutions. In this project, the walls are decorated with artistic paintings with floral motifs. The spacious teenage bedroom allowed dividing it into two zones. Each of the zones is defined with the luxurious crystal chandelier.

Teenage bedroom design

Selection of decoration materials

The interior is designed in the classic style. Basing on the design concept, the interior decor was chosen accordingly. In the project, we use only environmentally friendly materials from leading manufacturers. In the floor decor, the interior designer offers light natural wood with special impregnation. In the ceiling decoration, there is a traditional stucco. Every detail is designed to bring up a good taste of the person from an early age. The artistic mural became a beautiful decoration. Luxury furniture and linens make the interior very expressive.

Teenage bedroom design

Such teenage bedroom ideas sufficiently emphasize the unconditional love of parents and their desire to give their daughter the best.