Unusual Bedroom Interior Design

Katrina Antonovich - most famous interior designer


The bedroom is a very intimate place, which is permeated with warmth and comfort. Very often, people want to bring light and space into such a room. This can be done by creating an interior in white color from the Luxury Antonovich Design team. A white bedroom is an ideal option that can add a bit of luxury to your room.

The dominance of white in the bedroom means that it will seem spacious. The interior of the white bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design looks good with mirror elements — huge mirrors of unusual forms and lighting effects. And the biggest advantage of a white bedroom from our designers is that it is the ideal background for other decor elements of the interior. Having added a couple of new accessories our designers were able to set the room for a different mood and create a completely different atmosphere each time. The bedroom in white is a symbol of family harmony and order.


The talking detail of any interior from the Luxury Antonovich Design company is its color accent, style, design of the walls and ceiling, a special grouping of pieces of furniture, the shape of the bed and its style. The round snow-white bed for the bedroom with amazing magic lighting is the visiting card of the originality of the apartment owners and the unusual design solution of the Luxury Antonovich Design professionals. Futuristic designer chandeliers, furniture of rounded shapes, textured decorative inserts with patterns and spirals make the design of the bedroom in the style of high-tech look like the apartments of a large space station. The main focus was put on convenience and functionality.

Bedroom design with a bay window provides great opportunities for creating a unique interior for our designers. A bedroom with a bay window will always attract attention with its sophistication, courage and comfort.

When creating a room design, such an architectural element was used by our designers and decorators from Luxury Antonovich Design as profitably as possible. Such an element introduces an unusual appearance into the facade due to the bulge in the wall and makes it possible to create interesting effects in the house — a play of light and shadow, creation the additional useful space that allowed us to expand the room, make it more spacious, and also zone it into functional areas. In the bay window we decided to place a sofa group made in white, shading this area with amazing curtains in cocoa color. A coffee table was placed in the center of this zone, and the ceiling was decorated with an original chandelier.