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Bathroom Design Ideas Dubai

Katrina Antonovich - Lead Designer for Luxury Interior
Katrina Antonovich - Lead Designer for Luxury Interior


Extravagance and luxury are a major factor to be considered in this gorgeous bathroom by Luxury Antonovich Design. From the walls to the furniture used, to the curtains and windows, to the shower details, and cabinets; everything is well-considered and well-thought of. It is not easy to ignore this luxury interior design as it sets the mood of the overall interior of the house. Mirrors are put into an amazing place with huge and enormous details that would be functional and easy to access. We don't just design to provide design, we design to provide an amazing lifestyle for the homeowners. The bathrobe holders are well-placed as well with just a few walks from the bathtub. Elegant flowers are also utilized with minimalist vases; giving organic and natural feel to the overall design of the bathroom. We are very much pleased with the design of the interior and we couldn’t be any prouder with its intricate, detailed, beautiful interior design that is out of this world! We believe that our amazing designers can give the best bathroom designs for the family. We give importance to this bathroom design and we view it as an opportunity for better design involvement and master planning. The overall aspect of this room is convenience while giving luxurious experience to the homeowners.


It very well may be difficult to choose what style of curtain window is appropriate for your bathroom window. This design by Luxury Antonovich Design come with unusual shapes and sizes and are not constantly set in the most usual spots. Not to confuse bathroom window shades with shower drapes! Natural lighting is also very important to come into your bathroom, however, you need to look after security, so this is the reason you require huge curtains. They are not quite the same as the drapes you have on your lounge room windows or the drapery boards you have on your room windows. Curtains are intended to give protection, be solid to withstand dampness and moistness and make a room for unwinding. Huge curtains offer security and light control, however, they likewise arrive in a wide scope of textures. Security is the key factor in picking curtains. This design is floor-to-ceiling that are tied in the center to avoid getting wet. With wet floors and high traffic, the stitches could be harmed or, at the very least, require more cleaning than with different kinds of curtains. Bathrooms are prone to high-moisture, so Luxury Antonovich Design picked a curtain that is elegant yet functional.


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