When chosen correctly, curtains can really become the crowning glory of any room in your home's interior design. Having the right color, pattern, and fabric can make your room pleasant and beautiful. There are amazing choices for your room's curtain design. The color of the curtain is one of the main focus in choosing the best curtain for your room because this will add a nice accent or a cohesive look to your room. There are different materials that are perfect to be hung as curtains. Our company aims to provide the best curtain design that suits your home's needs. We aim perfection in every detail and it is our duty to give our clients the best interior design solutions that they need.


One of the important factors in choosing your window treatment is the fabric. Your curtains will drape depending on the fabric that is used. Our company Luxury Antonovich Design makes sure that we provide our clients with only the best fabrication that will make each room look elegant and decorative. Here are some of the fabrics that we use for curtains. 

  • Silk: This fabric is nice and flowy and the natural metallic look of silk makes the room look more bright and accented. This fabric offers a romantic look which makes it ideal for bedrooms. 
  • Linen: Linens look fresh and it is the perfect curtain to hang during warmer days because it's fresh and it let's natural air in because of its lightweight material. 

  • Velvet: Velvet is a thick fabric that is perfect to use when you want heavier curtain. It is also perfect for adding more privacy to your room because of its thick material. Its formal look will make any room look polished and elegant.
  • Polyester: Polyester is also a common fabric that is used for curtains that is easy to care. This fabrication requires less maintenance and it is durable and it is affordable too. 
  • Cotton: Cotton curtains are one of the best and versatile fabrics that you can put up as a curtain. This is the perfect curtain material that gives you enough privacy without blocking out the natural sunlight too much. It can filter light in any room but it still lets a little sunlight in. 
  • Lace: The sheer fabrication of lace lets the natural sunlight come inside your room. It is mostly neutral because it mostly designed beneath heavier curtains. It is mainly used to add style to curtain treatment. 
  • Thermal: This fabrication is perfect for a place with extremely cold weather. It makes your home warmer and cozier. 
  • Blackout: It is called blackout curtains for a reason. It completely blocks the warm sunlight and it's perfect to add more privacy to your home.