Girl's Dreamy and Charming Bedroom


Every young girl's dream is to become a princess. Building them a nice princess themed bedroom will be an amazing highlight of their lives because they know that they are loved. The secret to a beautiful girl's bedroom is to make them feel like they are a princess. The dominance of pink in this bedroom design by the Luxury Antonovich Design company makes it look dreamy and whimsical. If you want to build your child's creativity then it is perfect to build them an amazing bedroom because this is where their imagination will start. Sparking their creativity with fun colors and beautiful themed bedroom will give their mind a boost. This is an amazing design which will mold and encourage your child to be creative. It is also an amazing space to relax and enjoy playing. This incredibly unique bed is inspired by a preppy style which makes the bedroom look more comfy and rich. The playful vibe of the fixtures makes the bedroom look, even more, child-friendly. 


Encourage your children to be orderly and neat with our functional organizing shelves. We make sure to add enough storage space where they can put their books and toys. This will also help your kids to be responsible and organized with their personal stuff. We have a vast line of designs that will be perfect for your children's bedroom. Here are some elements that will be perfect for your kid's sleeping quarters. 

  • Bunk Bed: A bunk bed is a perfect solution for a shared space for your kids. It's easy to build and it is also space saving. We will make sure to design your kid's bunk bed according to your requests. 
  • Wall Art: An amazing and bright art decorations that are framed creates a sweet small art space for your kids. This is a creative style that will add an accent to your child's bedroom wall. 

  • Play with prints: The wallpaper decorations are printed but not messy. It adds a nice accent to the neutral shade of the entire room.
  • Chandelier: You will notice that we personalized the chandelier in this bedroom. The colorful chandelier adds a warm and pop of playfulness in the whole bedroom design. It is also a nice focal point in the bedroom which draws attention and it also makes the room look more attractive. 

Giving your children the best is every parent's dream. PRoviding them with a nice space where they can relax and be themselves is a bonus gift that we can give our children. It is important to choose the best designers who can execute your dream bedroom for your kids. Our team has been professionally designing homes and perfecting each area to be able to give our clients the best interior design services. Feel free to send us a message if you're planning to have a new design for your children's bedroom.