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Sleek Pantry Dining Interior Design


Are you looking for a pantry that is sleek and functional? Our company Luxury Antonovich Design have the best solution for you. A pantry should be amazing with storage solutions and integrated with amazing features. Our company has a wide array of design and styles that will suit your needs. We have a classic, modern, and even eclectic, our options are limitless when it comes to design. In this model design below, you will see that the kitchen has a seamless design that blends with the interior of the whole space is aesthetically pleasing and theme oriented. This is the perfect pantry which has a minimalist look and sleek fixtures. The marble tones add a nice and sleek detail that is soft and elegant. 


Office pantry designs should be highly organized to make it look neat and clean all the time. We make sure that the cutleries can all be tucked inside the drawers to keep them organized as well. We do not want to have a blank space and we make sure that we design everything cohesively that is why we added a small nook that is perfect for small meals and snacks. You will see that we added sleek and modern chairs upholstered with velvet fabric to add an elegant touch to the dining space. This look is perfect for a huge open space which displays a chic and luxurious design. Here are some of our key elements when it comes to designing office kitchen and dining spaces. 

  • Design: The ideal office should have a pantry to promote your employee's wellness. This is an amazing space to allow them to relax during their break hours. 
  • Layout: Your office kitchen should be easily accessed by your employees that is why it is more often located in the center of your office. 

  • Lighting: Having a bright and light kitchen is refreshing and pleasing to the atmosphere. This helps reduce stress which makes it easy for your employees to move around and have enough lighting to do some personal stuff during their break time. 
  • Organization: Our team makes sure that we add enough storage to make sure that your office kitchen is manageable and organized. This can also implement cleanliness to keep your kitchen pleasant all the time. 
  • Seating: Your office pantry is a place where everyone gets together, it is important to add enough chairs and tables so everyone can move around and freely join conversations. Adding couches is also another way to add a relaxing space that everyone can rest with for a nice dynamic environment. 

Our company offers endless possibilities that you can add to your office kitchen. We make sure that we add functional fixtures and furniture to make your overall office design inviting and relaxing. If you need help in designing the best kitchen for your office then feel free to drop us a message. 

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