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Top Interior Design Companies In UAE


Luxury Antonovich Design is an interior design studio trusted and respected in most countries. Our company is able to create not just interiors, but a real philosophy that will reflect the inner world of the house owner. Our designers realize their most extraordinary ideas. In addition to the extravagant interior, our customers can enjoy the beautiful decor and exclusive designer furniture. Each piece of furniture is a real art installation. And naturalness and the “smart home” system immerse everyone in an atmosphere of serenity and reliability.

Katrina Antonovich

The main direction of our top design company is development of individual interior design projects, as well as their execution and implementation. We specialize in:

— interior design of residential premises (interior design of apartments and houses);

— interior design of commercial premises (interior design of office, shop, cafe, restaurant, hotel, music and concert halls, exhibition spaces);

— exterior and landscape design;

— decoration and furnishing;

— architectural design;

— fit-out, repair and reconstruction.



Top interior design company in the UAE creates a single whole from color, shape and proportion. Thus, a unique style and a refined, individual interior are formed. The developed design makes a great impression, and the use of expensive and exclusive materials — creates a feeling of luxury in the interior. Our many projects reflect the versatility, harmony and emotional design possibilities.


The work of Luxury Antonovich Design is related to architecture, interior design and construction. We create design projects and decor of any premises. The cost of our work is determined individually, the calculation of payment is made on the basis of the terms of reference, which includes absolutely everything that needs to be done, down to the smallest detail. We do our job thoroughly and comprehensively.


We are sure that there are no two identical interiors, as there are no two identical people in the world. Because each interior created is not so much a product of the designer’s creativity as a reflection of the customer’s personality. With this approach, it is impossible to repeat, therefore, our company produces author's interiors in a single copy.

Interior design of apartments, design of premises, shops, restaurants, offices — all the interiors created by our designers are unique, but all of them are united by maximum functionality, compliance with the tastes of the customer, competent solutions and maximum study. In our understanding, interior design is the materialization of your desires in a real space. Our task is to correctly combine functionality and beauty, comfort and style, representativeness and coziness.


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