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Interior Design In Abuja


In Luxury Antonovich Design we believe that only an individually created design of your home forms an image and reflects your personality. At the heart of our creativity are our clients with their lifestyle, habits and views. You set the vector, we create your space!


Our studio of architecture and interior design is a team of dedicated professionals who are ready to implement even the most complex projects and create exclusively author's and unique design projects. They are developed strictly individually, in full accordance with your tastes and wishes, while taking into account current trends in interior design.

Whether it is a landscape design, interior or exterior, at the head of every project, we put the client with all preferences, style of living and functionality of the space, everyday ergonomics and always adhere to the principle of sufficiency. An important difference of our work in Abuja is the use of only real and natural materials and textures, decor and designer furniture, which we select according to your preferences, in full compliance with the established budget.



Interior design in Abuja is presented by luxury and the best traditions of design combined with new materials, technologies and trends. Materials such as dark wood, metal, crystal and marble, giving a feeling of wealth and chic, are always beyond the trends and time, they are nobility itself. With the help of relief surfaces of furniture and decoration, natural forms of mirrors that look like a secret passage into a mysterious cave, dark shades and special designer lighting, our designers create an atmosphere of real mysticism. Apartments are filled with a lot of seemingly invisible details, which step by step create a luxurious space where a balance is maintained between wealth and restraint.


Many years of experience in implementing completely different in complexity and style of interiors multiplied by the number of grateful customers — this is the invaluable experience that allows us to achieve the best results. It will help us completely transform your apartment, house or any other space, we will carefully consider the location of each detail in the interior. Options for planning solutions will provide an opportunity to look at your home from different angles, take into account the characteristics of each room and, if necessary, correctly redistribute the interior space. At your disposal will be our best design ideas, our help in making the right choice when assembling an object and designing it. We will take all the cares to accompany the painstaking process of repair and construction work, we will attract the best and trusted specialists, contractors, suppliers.


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