TOP 10 interior designer New York

Luxury and amazing home designs New York. New York, it is a city of the mixture of styles, cultures, views. Demand for the elite real estate is consistently high.

Amazing home designs New York is the democratic combination of the most different styles of design. It was formed by many representatives of various nationalities on the American continent. Hence, eclecticism, democratic character, and style heterogeneity all it is — amazing home designs New York.

  • House design modern contemporary New York has a number of features.
  • free space, without partitions and walls,
  • huge windows with a panoramic view,
  • minimum of furniture, grouped in the center of the living room,
  • bright, often cold colors in Interior Design New York,
  • the absence of a large number decorative items.

Interior Design New York assumes the availability of free space, minimum walls, and partitions. Accordingly, in such an interior, the kitchen and/or the bedrooms will be combined with the living or dining room. Isolated rooms in such a house not provided, or their number is kept to a minimum.

Interior Design New York also distinguished by the active use of the zoning method — cabinets, bar counters or sofas can be in help.

House design modern contemporary New York assumes that the kitchen will occupy a small working space that will be separated from the living room by a bar counter. The bedroom should also not occupy large areas — there should be enough space to relax.

The main accent of house design modern contemporary New York is a spacious living room that can accommodate many people. Interior Design New York encourages the creation of a spacious room, which can be visited by friends and colleagues for all kinds of parties and festivities. Hence, the obligatory presence of a large sofa, armchairs, and ottomans in the center of the main room.

Such project can combine the most unusual elements — wooden beams on the ceiling and brick protrusions in the wall, smooth metal surfaces and the floor of untreated boards. This interior allows you to combine artificial materials, for example, plastic, with natural, for example, wood.

The main color of such a house can be white. In addition, red, blue and brick are actively used. In general, Interior Design New York is a combination of bright colors, so it would be appropriate to create an accent wall, painted, for example, in a bright red hue. The floor and ceiling usually make more light shades, and furniture of saturated color added into the interior.

House design modern contemporary New York also has a tendency towards minimalism — large free walls are decorated with canvases in the style of pop art, photographs, works of contemporary artists.

For those who love freedom, space and constant communication with friends, house design modern contemporary New York will be an excellent solution. It allows you to create an interesting space in which freedom finds its shelter. Interior Design New York is particularly interesting from the point of view of working with space and zoning the room. In terms of decor, it is suitable for those who understand modern art, which will help create an original decoration for the house.