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The Perfect Color for a Lady's Bedroom


Luxury Antonovich Design has consistently been a leader in different bedrooms in the United Arab Emirates as well as over the entire world! We do advanced exquisite glitz with hope to make any room ideal for a woman. An extravagant bed decoration that is extraordinary for unwinding and vanity. This room by Luxury Antonovich Design has a stunning style invigorated with cool pieces. An amazing room which includes the beautiful purple bed with an extraordinary wingback headboard. The bed is joined with a tufted seat and a patterned floor covering. The look is incredibly created with complex carvings. On the other side of the bed is a vanity area wrapped up by a mirror that Luxury Antonovich Design did. So smooth and top-notch that you won't think twice! Our plans radiate a rich and lavish vibe that genuinely suits the inventive modern trend of luxury pieces. Space that inspires a hip yet warm environment! It is a room that uncovers the women's characters the most: luxury and beautiful.

Katrina Antonovich - Award-Winning Bed Designer

A space for a powerful lady finds comfort in her very own private bedroom. The beautiful color of purple is used on the curtains for a peaceful and quiet feel. It furthermore fills in as the perfect foundation for the white furniture pieces that are all in all beautiful. These pieces consolidate a bed, two or three side tables, a light. Make space also inviting by solidifying your most cherished colors. The result is a captivating space for a lady. We are focused on conveying a home that mirrors the characteristics of a lady and finished with our techniques made by our skilled designers! We're extremely specific in what we needed with structures and colors.

A beautiful look is found in this room fit for a princess. Much equivalent to any princess, this space for a lady does in a carefully assembled shade bed with sheer pieces. Near the bed is a seat by the window covered in purple cushions. With the help of the inside arrangement association of Luxury Antonovich Design, this room grandstands a rich style. The different sides of the bed also have beautiful prints. Beside the well-considered extravagant furnishings and accents, our plans additionally have an individual touch into it that you have to see! Everything happens so quickly and we are devoted to bringing the best incentive for your home! The room is washed in purple and white, a blend which suits both a lady. With a beautiful room and space, Luxury Antonovich Design made a magnificent room for every lady who wishes to have a stunning room.

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