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Magnificent Clean Look for Exterior Design


Modern houses tend to go from the usual zen type of box architecture. It usually shows the same design of architecture in the neighborhood and the exterior design can be repetitive. Luxury Antonovich Design has created a brilliant exterior design that looks very modern yet has a classic feel into it. The overall facade of this room connects to the trend of the generation. The facade is divided into 3 parts with shapes of two being very similar and the center with a smaller piece of the entire floor plan. The side of the exterior is also made simple to make sure that the house stands out on its own. This gated mansion is utilized to have a modern atmosphere. The black accented gate is uniform to each other and it created a beautiful vibe into it.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Elegant Exterior

Aside from the exterior design of the room which was created by the talented and professional designers of Luxury Antonovich Design made the flooring extra stunning with its off-white patterns that go very smoothly. The rounded edges are very beautiful and creative. The walls have simple designs and have a clean look into it. Over the ceiling, it creates another beautiful pattern in which people could wander and look very closely and appreciate it. The design is beautifully crafted to make this exterior design be more dynamic.

The landscape in this exterior design has every bit of beauty in every corner. From the trees that we added to the plants that we imported specifically for this design, and to the overall garden design that took months to do, Luxury Antonovich Design created a stunning masterpiece of the landscape from corner one to corner two and to every part of the exterior design. 

The completion of the house extendes to the two-story design of the house. No corner is left behind. Luxury Antonovich Design has a wide range of creation not only in interior design but also exterior design. The designs from the facade to the landscape are created meticulously and are made to give the most beautiful design in the neighborhood. If you wish to stand out in your village or in your luxury compound, the Luxury Antonovich Design is the perfect answer to your questions because we have not only talented architects but also people who have the eye for beauty. Our team is equipped with skills and knowledge that know speed, efficiency, and scale. We know what you need and we can work on it from A to Z. The designs that we have created are a testament to our portfolio that extends from the several parts of the world thru the talents of Luxury Antonovich Design.

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