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Luxury Blue Bedroom Decoration


Blue, brown and white is a gorgeous color combination when it comes to bedrooms. It has this feeling of calmness and coolness which you definitely need after a long tiring day. Luxury Antonovich Design has utilized these amazing colors to come up with a solid design that you will surely adore. These color help the advancement of this bedroom interior design. The head of Luxury Antonovich Design, Ms. Katrina Antonovich, made it point that this room can be turned into a dazzling one with its proper colors. The design is stunning and it didn't stop from just having beautiful colors. The design continues from the bed to the walls and to the flooring. Aside from that, the decorations are lovely and charming in every corner.

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Designer for Bed Decor

Blue can make your room light and dim, warm and cold. Today we will discuss this beautiful interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design. We utilize a rich blue shading in the inside. Blue is a calming color. That implies that every single other color can be produced using them. It is an exceptionally prominent shading and is the thing that we call a precious color to use with your interior. It is striking as a blue and white blend. Picking the right combination for your room is regularly the most hard decision to make. Fortunately, Luxury Antonovich Design can help you to ensure your room look beautiful. Luxury Antonovich Design can make dynamic spaces that are both appealing and practical. One of the top color that we are utilizing right currently is blue, so joining different shades of this into your bedroom will bring an advanced vibe into it and add the characteristics that are related with blue. 

In blending shades of blue is an extraordinary method to make the space more calming and cool. The exemplary blend of blue and white makes a sentiment of freshness and daintiness. Blue can be an extraordinary shading when utilized all through most of a room, regardless of what size it is. Hence, blending shades of blue is an incredible method to not just separate the dullness of utilizing one shading yet, in addition, make the space more quieting. Luxury Antonovich Design chose to utilize dark blue shades in the beautification of the bedroom. Darker shades of blue are surely charming, however, they should be utilized accurately. An excessive amount of dim blue in a room can make it feel darker and littler than it truly is. The great blend of blue and white makes a sentiment of freshness and delicacy. White flawlessly helps the room be more beautiful.  

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