Styling Secrets Of Dining Room Design

Katrina Antonovich - best interior designer


It is no secret that classical traditions have timeless appeal. Impeccable classics in its modern interpretation are high technologies and natural materials. The traditional style of dining room furniture is a great idea of our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design, the realization of which will bring to your home the elegant atmosphere and luxury you've always dreamed of.

Window frames, door arches with decorative moldings, a crystal chandelier with pendants and sculptural furniture made of solid wood — all of it adds the traditional charm to the dining room interior. This beautiful classic dining room by Luxury Antonovich Design is striking not only for its elegance, but also for its comfortable furnishings. The design is completely subject to symmetry. The classic interior, made of white, ecru and massive furniture radiates a sense of high-class and unique aesthetics. Elegant moldings and stunning wall decor add elegance to the room.


Light and bright dining room from Luxury Antonovich Design is filled with furniture of natural color of wood, which has carved elements similar to the French style. There are heavy curtains of gold color with a floral print with a fringe and lambrequins. In the decoration of the walls our designers decided to use textile wallpaper, decorated with moldings, as well as patterned moldings around the perimeter of the room for visual distinction. The dining room turned out to be very festive and every detail complements the chosen style of interior design of the house.

The interior of the classic dining room from Luxury Antonovich Design perfectly looks with a marble floor in interesting colors — white marble with amazing thin gray strains and rich burgundy with a unique pattern. Lamps resemble old heavy chandeliers with candles shape.

In the interior of the dining room in classic style with baroque elements there are dressers for dishes with glass doors decorated with carvings, where there are statues and candlesticks and other decorative elements. A dining table with chairs by Italian manufacturers embodies the timeless traditions of decorative furniture in their modern interpretation. The interior combines a wealth of style and decoration.