Beautiful Minimalist Bedroom Interior

Katrina Antonovich - top architect


In order to achieve harmony, relaxation, it is necessary to create such an atmosphere in your home that will ideally contribute to these goals. Therefore, our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design company decided to decorate this small bedroom in interesting minimalist style. Minimalism is characterized by the use of natural materials, which is practically our feature.

Minimalism is a style in which things have the most functional load, and there are a few of them. The style is characterized by its neutral range of colors, as well as conciseness. In order not to overload the interior of this beautiful bedroom with excessive rigor, our designers have resorted to several original solutions and used in this design amazing decoration variations. The very design of the bedroom in the style of minimalism embodies the atmosphere of lightness and airiness. The space looks very free. The basic ideas of minimalism have Japanese roots.


When designing the bedroom project in the style of minimalism the team of Luxury Antonovich Design studio took into account the combination of light, delicate shades, good lighting, which visually increases the space, and also used the minimum amount of furniture and accessories.

This bedroom project is represented by a small room, but very clearly and concisely furnished. Low furniture without elaborate decor, a bed in the form of a platform, small bedside tables on both sides of the bed. For linen and other things our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design equipped a place under the bed, which has built in special shelves.

The accent in this wonderful bedroom is the decor of precious wood. A decorative panel with mirror golden fragments behind the head of the bed permeates the room. Rosewood with a pronounced pattern looks very impressive. Warm and natural shades fit easily into the bedroom interior. Textured openwork ceiling, made of decorative panels with the author's drawing and suspended LED lights perfectly frames the lines of the room. The choice of furniture was complemented by a hanging makeup table with an amazing original chair, made in a single style.

In this bedroom interior our designers managed to combine correctly the features of the style with the preferences of the owners, as well as design finds, as a result the decor of the room is not overloaded with unnecessary decorative elements and contributes to a peaceful rest.