Small Kitchen Design In Classic Style


The design of a small kitchen can easily delight the owners and guests of the house. A small kitchen is not a problem, if you use competent interior decorating methods from Luxury Antonovich Design. There are several effective techniques. Designer is the simplest, because in this case without scrapping and changing design, the decorative structure of the room changes: color, lighting, textiles, furniture position. Due to the large variety of design, the kitchen room by Luxury Antonovich Design is visually enlarged, and it becomes more modern and pleasant to live. This allows to bring the appearance of the room in order, but also make it much more convenient.

Another way to visually expand the kitchen space is to play with color. Calm colors with a neutral character fit well into the design of a small kitchen. They expand the kitchen space, and also make it brighter due to the reflection of light. Our designers decided to avoid twisted patterns and complex images. In the design options for a small kitchen from Luxury Antonovich Design, we limited ourselves to a tandem of two shades. As a supplement used a concise ornament, consonant to the general background.

Thanks to the coordinated work of architects and designers, we were able to visually expand the small kitchen by lighting. Spotlights on the perimeter evenly distribute the light, and in the working area we decided to use the lamp built-in models.


Insufficient storage space for kitchen utensils is the most common problem for small kitchen. Therefore, our design solution was to organize shelves and cabinets to the ceiling. Thanks to this approach, we were able to effectively use the empty space between the ceiling and the shelves. Also, the kitchen by Luxury Antonovich Design is equipped with a large number of drawers, they allow the most efficient use of space in the drawer, besides horizontal drawers make the kitchen more visually wider and make the design of a small kitchen look more modern.

In the project of the classic kitchen from Luxury Antonovich Design, our designers used the maximum possible amount of light colors, and dark ones in the form of patterns on the kitchen apron and edging of the marble floor were used as accents. Due to the increased moisture and temperature difference, the interior of this kitchen is furnished with an excellent kitchen set. All furniture is made from high quality materials capable of withstanding these factors. Marble flooring in light cream color is very durable and shock-resistant due to the excellent properties of natural stone.