Neoclassical Luxe Bedroom Interior


Looking for the perfect bedroom color can sometimes be a difficult task. Choosing a color for your room should be interesting, unique, and of course, it should match your style and characteristics. Lucky for you because Luxury Antonovich Design loves combining different colors and unique colors to add an accent to your room. In this model bedroom, you will see how they incorporated turquoise in a neoclassical designed room. Turquoise may seem like one of the colors which is difficult to complement, but the company will make sure that it is delivered and designed well to make your room look impressive and special in every way. The colors in this bedroom are perfectly amazing and stunning. You will love how the turquoise and gold is mixed together. This room has a primary hue of beige with a few accents of turquoise to liven up the entire room. You will notice that the turquoise is not too overpowering and it only adds an elegant touch. The team used gold decor with the wall carvings and the mirror also presents the room to look larger. The usage of table lamps also adds a little touch of vintage which complements the neoclassical interior of the room. There is a lot of gold in this room! The bed frame is a gorgeous gold which makes the room look glamorous and it also backs up the natural light to make the room look more illuminated. 


Turquoise does make a beautiful color palette for any bedroom. This room, in particular, is gorgeously designed with a sky ceiling mural. The huge windows also allow the natural light to enter the room which creates a nice cozy aura in the room. You'll also see how the gold and turquoise is incorporated with the curtains, upholstery reflects softness of the color that is used on the accents. The turquoise does not overpower the colors and it flows graciously with the interior design of the room. You may describe the room as luxe, with the fringe curtains and the elegant headboard that will surely add a very homey vibe to the room. The embossed wall carving elevates the room's features thus making it look more calm and tranquil. Even though you might see a lot going on in the room, there is more than enough turquoise and gold that goes around. The main focal point in this room would be the silk headboard that is extended with gold carvings up the wall that makes the room look more neoclassical. Our designers made these colors look so well and blended together without making the room look cluttered. The nightstands also match the bed and the rest of the bedroom. You'll love the gold accents throughout the bedroom. The sitting room across gives you the option to invite guests in your bedroom. This is a great technique to pull off if your bedroom space is very big. Gold is elegant and it makes the room look more luxe which complements the turquoise very well. Luxury Antonovich Design makes everything very possible even with the most tricky colors they will still manage to give their clients the best that they can deliver.