Modern Kitchen Interior


To detail every part of this glorious kitchen, we run down some of its best features. The walls: the colors of the wall compliment greatly on the overall look and feel of the kitchen. It gives an impression of chic yet sultry style that every gender would love and adore. It is well painted and can easily view as one of the best colors to incorporate into kitchens. The cabinets: its patterns are wood-like with 2 different patterns the go smoothly with each other. You will definitely love the variety in its design because of its splendidness and extravagance. The lighting: if you ever come across a kitchen with nice lighting then you will surely adore this light planning that Luxury Antonovich Design incorporated to give your food the ambiance it deserves. The chairs: high chairs are definitely today because of its trendy look. We added these chairs to have a feel of dominance above all the neutral design of the kitchen. Its vertical shape gives many styles to the setting. The table: when we say we go all out with our designs, we definitely mean it because this table is superb on its own. You can tell by its design that it is made with so much passion and so much energy. The marble design is absolutely stunning. It goes very well with the plain colors of the walls and chairs. The flooring: with tiles like these, you would give a second look if you want to step on it! Its sleek design partnered with line borders gives such great addition to the overall theme of the modern and contemporary style of the kitchen.

Katrina Antonovich - Lead of Modern Kitchen


When it comes to interior design, there is only one name that is well-recognized. We continue to be committed with excellence and we provide it with our clients across the world! You are definitely on the right hands with our ever popular company. Who doesn’t love a clean and neat kitchen? Well, in Luxury Antonovich Design, we create not just the cleanest and neat kitchen, we also do the most extravagant and most luxurious kitchen you will ever encounter. Be amazed by your own kitchen through the help of the talented interior designs of our award-winning company in Dubai. Colors are important to us and we prioritize each hue that we put in the decor. In this new innovation by our professional interior designers, we utilized neutral colors to give a sense of magnificence. Its style is superb and top-notch. Every detail is put into much consideration as to not veer off from the luxury design of this kitchen. It is the award-winning interior design company from the United Arab Emirates: the Luxury Antonovich Design.