Royal Living Room Interior with Gold Accents


Are you the type of person who just loves to go with the flow of art and design? Then, keep reading because this contemporary living room design might be the one you're looking for. Nothing can be more relaxing than the contemporary living room design. It is chic, sleek and elegant in every single way. There is nothing that you wouldn't love in this living room. It is a complete finish with comfortable pieces of furniture, a warm palette that brightens up the room, and the beautiful marble details. The unique lighting fixture illuminates the room just enough to make it look fresh and cozy at the same time. It is also very easy to combine with other styles and designs that's why it creates the best contemporary look that is both trendy and luxurious. Luxury Antonovich Design incorporated the beautiful chandeliers that have a unique geometrical shape like no other. This adds a focal point to your home and it's the best accent to your luxurious living room. You will notice that the flooring is sleek, minimalist and clean, this is a great technique that our designers use to make sure that the room can be easily designed with accent colors. The accent color is a Pantone blue color with a mixture of grey, a subtle color that still looks bold because of its unique velvet fabric upholstery. You will see how amazing the flooring is made because of its shiny finish. 


The earthy interior design is cozy and elegant that gives your home a touch of nature. The plants also elevate the quality of air as it cleanses the air. The coordinating colors of white, gold, greeneries and the accent blue gives your living room a dazzling look. There are different ways to elevate your living room's aesthetics and here are some of the guidelines that might help you in choosing the perfect interior for your home. 

  • Pop of color in furniture: Adding a pop of accent color in furniture pieces is a nice way to add an accent without committing too much. 
  • Dramatic lighting: Every living room must have something special – a conversation piece that would catch everyone's eye will complete your contemporary space. Looking at the images here, you will see that our designers added a nice chandelier and pin lights that will totally create a warm and cozy environment. 
  • Window: The windows in this living room is huge as it overlooks at the outside. Nature feels of the plants inside complements the view of the outside of your home. 
  • Accents: The warm accents of gold creates a beautiful palette that is striking and bold. It gives the living room a touch of luxury as it creates a nice metallic reflection that is gleaming in the living room.

If you're up to spruce up your home with a new and contemporary design then checkout our works and let us know how we can help you with your living room design needs.