Sleek Living Room Interior

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Contemporary Living
Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Contemporary Living


Living room designs are one of the most important in one's home because it is where visitors can have a first impression of the family's place. In this gorgeous interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design, the team created a modern and contemporary look in the overall style of the room. To start off, we have the walls. The walls are simple and can easily be identified as clean and neat. It has a color of neutral with marble accents. The designs give off a very elegant room with its simplicity and neatness. The walls' secondary color is brown. The brown color gives a cool vibe that mixes well with the white overall color of the living room. To give the room a more elegant and luxurious look, Luxury Antonovich Design incorporated an equally elegant chandelier that matches the feel of the living area. The two chandeliers are partnered together with one having round accents in the top layer. The chandeliers are a perfect addition to the luxurious living room. The flooring has this vibe of modern that meets traditional. One can wonder how this amazing flooring was made because of its intricacies and splendid finish.


Next on the list is the main furniture in the room. The sofas are in the cool blue shade which gives off a magnificent tropical vibe to the room. In the off chance that you wish to relax, the sofas are equally functional. Pillowcases are in stripes and in colors of brown, white and blue. The color combination is perfect for the overall feel of the interior design that has walls of brown and white as well. The center table is stunning as a standalone. It illuminates light through its mirror-like accent which gives the area a dazzling style. The living room wouldn't be complete without its television set. Luxury Antonovich Design thought of having a TV that goes well with the room. It is flat and seamless which is perfect for the modern and contemporary feel of the house. To partner, it is the equally stunning cabinets that serve as a compartment for the televisions' gorgeous decor. It is in wood and is functional on its own. The dining area gives a vibe of modern and contemporary without being too over the top. It has the same colors as the living room to complete the gorgeous and luxurious interior design of the house. The chairs are in wood and cream color which are perfect dining colors. The room is simple, neat, clean yet elegant, beautiful, and dazzling. It is an understatement to say that this room is a dream because it really is every family's dream interior.