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Luxurious Bedroom Interior

Katrina Antonovich - Modern Interior Designer
Katrina Antonovich - Modern Interior Designer


Who doesn't love a beautiful bedroom with an equally stunning interior design? Well, every affluent personality would love this interior by Luxury Antonovich Design because of its sleek and magnificent planning. The main colors of the room are navy blue, brown and cream. Perfect for a room that is gender-neutral and easily interchangeable. The walls have line and shape patterns that are modern and contemporary on its own. Everyone would love its simplicity and detailed structure. It is partnered with floor-to-ceiling curtains that sets as a great accent to the bedroom's interior. The main thing in the room is its bed and it shouldn't be ignored. Luxury Antonovich Design put a lot of effort into decorating the bed because we believe that it should function as its purpose. The headboard is sleek and can easily go well with the walls. It is in a cream color which gives off a relaxing vibe. The headboard is partnered with equally stunning lampshades that are simple yet beautiful. 


Mirrors are just across the bed which is stunning and can be standalone. We are ecstatic to show the mirror because it is sleek on its own with borders that are stunning. Continuing with the room's extra features are the sofas across the bed. It is in navy blue color which is perfect for the overall theme of the room. Who doesn't love a functional room? This one is simply perfect. The television set is across the sofas in case you want to enjoy a short series. The tables and chairs illuminate a color of gold. Perfect for the luxurious feel of the spacious room. The room can go a long way with its amazing features. The curtains are just as luxurious as the room. A full view of the neighborhood can be seen with its huge glass window which we believe is one of the main features of the room. Who doesn't want to wake up in the morning sun, right? Well, this room says hello with its stunning decoration. 


Chandeliers shouldn't be ignored in this extravagant room because it gives additional luxury in the overall look and feel of the interior. Continuing is the flooring. The floorings are stunning with accents that are patterns. It is simple but beautiful and well-thought of. Paintings are placed on the wall. It adds value to the room because of its artsy feel. Cream and navy blue are the main themes of the bed and it surely is an elegant color. The huge bedroom design is the perfect interior for every couple. It is not too extreme but not too simple as well. It is a room everyone would love to have. 

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