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Contemporary Zen Exterior Design

Katrina Antonovich - Calm inerior designer
Katrina Antonovich - Calm Interior Designer


Having a stylized landscape and exterior makes a garden look neat and enticing. The pleasing and calming effect of having a zen garden makes your exterior peaceful in so many ways. It originated in Japan but slowly it has been incorporated in a lot of designs. Our professionals adapted this look and from that, they have stylized a more contemporary approach in which it looks more personalized and unique. This exterior garden is more of an outdoor living room. Our designers make spaces that have an elegant contemporary design that is very modern. Our designers have shared their designs in the images here so you can look for inspiration and ideas for your outdoor design. Our company brings contemporary haven in your abode. The sleek and minimalist approach in this model exterior design is inviting for you and your guests to relax into. Our designers emphasize organized and serene outdoor space that is creative and unique for every client. 


Our professional landscape engineers make sure to organize your outdoor with the addition of natural plants. They wanted to imply a more minimalist and zen exterior space that has a natural relationship with plants to make a more livable outdoor space. The loose plant designs create a more playful and lively outdoor exterior. This modern landscape uses perennials and ornaments that are strategically decorated in each corner. The organized palette creates a beautiful backdrop in the exterior design. This adds a visual calmness of scenery and beyond. The grasslands near the play place add the softness of texture that draws in motion for children and even adults. 


The layout of the landscape adds warmth to the space that elevates the ground's areas in a different plane. These elevated planters create a focal point in the exterior that is strong in visual element. The contemporary landscape is an ambient look that is warmer. These fixtures are more of a sculptural piece and the lightings also add a more dramatic effect in the exterior space. Our designers aim to add artful touches in the exterior design to express the personality of their clients. It is fun to follow trends but our designers make sure to add a unique touch of your personal character so that the designs will last for several seasons. Having a lively outdoor space elevates the elegance of your exterior design. Our designers encourage each client to put in their heart and mind into deciding what they really want and our team will put in their effort and artistic points to work. 

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