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Refreshing Green Dining Room

Katrina Antonovich - Color Spectrum Interior Designer
Katrina Antonovich - Color Spectrum Interior Designer


Adding green to your dining room will make your space look more refreshing. A key element like upholstery or curtains will automatically create a unique twist that is uncomplicated and easy to look into. The shade of green is tricky, it is important to choose a certain shade that will complement your dining area and of course, choose the best shade that you absolutely love. In the model space above you will see that the color used is a jewel-toned green that looks amazing at any season. The advantage of green is that it looks amazing with lighter shades and different hues. 

  • Accents: This accent color of green livens up a room. The color may seem a little too overwhelming so it is best to use it as accent colors only. Our designers kept the walls neutral to make sure that the accent color pops out of the space. You will notice that it is added in different corners of the dining room to add a fun color block look. 
  • Plants: Adding plants makes the dining room look airier and well designed. It is a cute decor that looks amazing placed in corners of the dining room. 
  • Curtains and Decorations: If you're still not convinced that green is an easy color to design with. just look at the drapes of the curtain that our designers used in this space. The delicate drapes of gold and green add a sophisticated breezy look in the dining area. 


The dining room is one of the spaces in a home that is fun to design and think about. The shades should reflect energy that is not only fun but also relaxing. Our team will make sure that your dining room does not only look special but also feel special. Green is definitely a color of nature and adding greens in your indoor spaces truly creates a breath of fresh air. The floral centerpieces add a tropical look that makes your room look exotically beautiful. The greens also complement the gold chandeliers and make your space look more fabulously natural. The textures added also creates an exciting layer of detail with a Mediterranean-style that you'll truly love. Our professionals are here to help you create a beautiful space using a touch of green which is a very flexible color that's refreshing. Their love for creativity will make sure that your home is comfortable and calm. If one of the colors in your spectrum is green then you'll surely love how our designers will incorporate this color into your dining room making it look unique based on your character. Feel free to send us a message to find out how we can help you with your dream design. 

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