Current Interior Design Trends

Photo of chief designer at Luxury Antonovich Design - Katrina Antonovich

Artistic Designer of The Best Interiors


The concept of modern style in the interior is pretty voluminous. It includes a number of characteristic features. The space in modern style from Luxury Antonovich Design is characterized with functionality, comfort and impeccable appearance, made from fashion tendencies and current trends. Each of them gives an idea of a functional and comfortable home and is distinguished from the others by characteristic features. The interior design in modern style by the interior studio of Katrina Antonovich is not a specific trend, but a combination of styles that are relevant and in demand in a certain period of time.

Today, thanks to a huge assortment of various kinds of decorative objects, unique materials and individual design techniques from Luxury Antonovich Design, you have the opportunity to create in your home an unusual and exclusive interior suitable for your specific needs.


By the example of this interior from the Luxury Antonovich Design Company, it can be noted that in the modern direction of the design a bet on simple forms and clear lines has been made. The interior tends to open spaces and rejects the abundance of pretentious decor and complex, intricate designs. The whole interior design of this project has a certain structure, and each object in the interior is in its place, and fulfills the role assigned to it.

The project design in modern style from Luxury Antonovich Design is the use of a neutral palette of natural shades. Monochrome interior with an abundance of glass items, our designers diluted with semitones and various textures — natural stone (marble), glossy surfaces of wooden panels made of expensive wood, as well as a combination of concrete and glossy surfaces. Such combinations look advantageous in the design of these multi-level apartments, where the height of the ceilings allows to experiment with different textures.

The peculiarity of designer custom-made furniture in the modern project from Luxury Antonovich Design is that all objects have an ideal form, straight lines and thoroughly thought-out composition. Functional separation by using lighting plays an important role in modern interior design of this house. Lighting fixtures of various forms — from chic crystal chandeliers with pendants, designer table lamps and floor lamps highlight different space zones, and automatic brightness adjustment allows to enhance the effect of intimacy or additionally highlight dark corners of interior.