Exquisite Indoor Swimming Pool Design

Photo of Katrina Antonovich - the most creative interior designer who devepops exquisite home solutions

Best Designer of Swimming Pool Interiors


Architectural company of Katrina Antonovich Luxury Antonovich Design is engaged in the development of design projects for swimming pools, hamam and sports and recreation rooms. Our team of professionals will create the interior of the pool in any style, taking into account your wishes and tastes. From timeless classics, antique or oriental style to modern solutions. This amazing project of indoor swimming pool by Luxury Antonovich Design is arranged with mosaic and neat, exquisite pattern on the bottom of the pool, marble, columns, rectangular shape of the bowl, luxurious ceiling with stained-glass — in the design of the entire zone we used elements of classical design.
Noble materials, exquisite lines, bright colors in this interior speak about respectability, confidence and exclusivity. Marble columns emphasize the severity of the composition. This is a prime example of a pool for a luxurious getaway.


The modern architecture of the building with panoramic windows prompted solutions in the design of a swimming pool that combines classic motifs with laconic clarity of shapes and lines. The pool area by Luxury Antonovich Design radiates freshness and tranquility. The smooth curved lines of the ceiling in the form of a dome combine well with the round shapes of the columns and a wave-like wall with decorative window niches and lighting. At night, when the main lighting is off, this wall in tandem with the illumination of the pool bowl creates an amazing light scenario.
Harmony is created from small things. That is why, choosing the size, shape and decoration of the pool, designers and decorators of Luxury Antonovich Design decided to introduce exquisite colors and interesting decorative details into the design. And thanks to the stucco with gilding, the ceiling painting and the exquisite mosaic pattern, the pool has become a pearl for relaxation.
The skimmer bowl of the swimming pool, lined with an amazingly beautiful mosaic of rich blue color in combination with gold in the form of wavy patterns, creates optimal conditions for a pleasant pastime and water treatments. The swimming pool project, designed by Luxury Antonovich Design is equipped with the best technology from the world's leading manufacturers — a filtration unit, an automatic filtration control system, an automatic water treatment station and an ultraviolet installation, all of which provide maximum comfort.