Modern Dining Room Decorating Ideas

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Katrina Antonovich – Professional Interior Designer in Dubai


In creation the flawless interior design of the dining room Dubai it is very important for designers of Luxury Antonovich Design to choose not only furniture and attributes competently and professionally, but also to think about the lighting of the dining room, break it into functional zones for best fit the interior of the room into the general ensemble of the house. As true masters of their craft, our designers are able to demonstrate their extraordinary abilities in interior design projects of the best dining rooms.

The new design of the dining room was made by our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design in pleasant mother-of-pearl and beige tones. Among the fashionable trends in the interior design of this dining room Dubai, you can highlight the decoration of walls with glossy wall panels made of expensive wood, mirrors with facets, a dining table with a marble worktop, and natural polished marble slab for decorating the floor along the contour of the room. It is this element that serves as the main glossy accent. The center of the room is decorated with marvelous porcelain stoneware tiles with a floral pattern that attracts with the beauty of texture. A similar reflection of the finish can be traced in the choice of ceiling design. The drawing on the floor is exactly transferred to the surface of a two-tiered ceiling, and is framed by an illumination decorated with mirror rings with gilding.


This dining room from Luxury Antonovich Design inspires with all its appearance - high ceilings, delicate color palette, front dining set with soft half-chairs. Skilled craftsmen filled the space of the dining room with custom-made decor and created the atmosphere of an elegant neoclassical interior in pearl-silver tones with contrasting elements of wood. With the help of details from thermally treated wood with laconic geometry, the designers of Luxury Antonovich Design gave the room originality. The interior is designed in a light elegant style and a light, almost white range, due to the nuances of colors and textures, it shines like mother of pearl.

The interior of the dining room is built on the nuances of a combination of colors and textures, it is all assembled from individual objects and parts created for the project. By designer sketches there were made decorative elements from plaster, wood, glass, mother of pearl, stone and steel. In this beautiful interior design we used materials with a picturesque texture and tactile structure.