Aesthetic Landscape Design Dubai

Photo of Katrina Antonovich - the most creative interior designer and architect in UAE nowadays
Photo of Katrina Antonovich - the most creative interior designer and architect in UAE nowadays


Ideally organized territory is a harmonious combination of all components of the site —  landscape design of the yard and garden. The principles of our work are individual solutions and integrated approaches to landscape design, high quality of performance of all types of works on landscape design, gardening and landscaping.

Luxury Antonovich Design specialists are professionals who are passionate about their work, put their hearts into every project, and are ready to implement the most daring ideas of the client. The development of landscape design always takes place with the direct participation of the head of our company —  Katrina Antonovich, who controls each stage of the project development and implementation. We adhere to an honest and high-quality approach to work and guarantee that the end result will exceed all your expectations.


For aesthetically correct landscaping of the territory, Luxury Antonovich Design professionals create a landscape-specific species, mark up areas with large, high-growth trees and shrubs, which is necessary to reveal the prospect of greenery. The second step is to detail the plots and design different landscape forms, such as streams, slides, ponds, fountains and terraces and arbors.

Thanks to a small artificial pond leading to the main central attraction of the front yard —  an amazing fountain, our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design managed to zone the space and divide it into functional parts. Street lights in this area create a romantic glare on the water in the evening time. In hot weather, the pond will allow you to maintain a pleasant level of humidity.

The spacious light terrace is used as a summer kitchen and dining room. It is perfect for family dining, as well as for cocktail parties. Soft sofas, fresh air, open fire — what could be better for creating a cozy atmosphere in the courtyard.

Recreation area by the pool is an integral part for complete relaxation after swimming in the crystal clear waters. Our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design have equipped this area with strong garden furniture with umbrellas, as well as a zone with recessed seats around the fire, which has amazing magic and charm. The effect is enhanced by placing it into one of the parts of the pool. Water and fire is a striking visual contrast that attracts all the attention to itself.