Modern Gray Bedroom Ideas

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Katrina Antonovich — Best Architect And Interior Designer


Modern people take from life the best and comfort in the house is no exception. Bedroom and bathroom ... What could be the common between these two rooms? Separation is a unifying factor. Both the first and the second room are created only for households and are hidden from prying eyes. The idea of a bathroom in the bedroom interior from Luxury Antonovich Design is tempting and attractive.

Our designers decided not integrate the bathroom into the living space fully, but to nominally separate it with a decorative glass partition in the form of a massive box with a frosted sandblast geometric pattern. The design of a bedroom with a bathroom from Luxury Antonovich Design looks very stylish, elegant and very unusual. In this amazing design of the bedroom with bathroom, the important point is the "warm floor" made of precious wood parquet. It does not allow moisture to spread to the recreation area and provides a comfortable temperature before and after the adoption of water treatments.


The design of this beautiful bedroom project from Luxury Antonovich Design is made in gray colors. The main advantage of the gray color is that, in combination with other neutral and bright colors, it looks strong, energetic, elegant and beautiful. Gray is associated with wisdom and maturity. Gray metallic is associated with ideas of progress, speed and professionalism.

The attractive and soothing bedroom in shades of gray, where the combination of small details of black, white decor and gray background makes the room very stylish. To create the feeling of comfort and aesthetic pleasure, our designers used additional shades, beautiful accessories, and a variety of textures.

Natural stones in the design of the bedroom - it is always an indicator of luxury. Marble decoration of the walls in the interior of this beautiful bedroom perfectly fit into the style. The inimitability of the pattern, smooth transitions of colors and shades, the strength and reliability of the material make it possible to safely embody everything, even the newest design decisions of Luxury Antonovich Design.

This gorgeous bedroom design is built on a combination of vertical and horizontal lines and elements. Graceful and smooth forms of bedside bedside tables, narrow metal elements framing the furniture, the original pattern on the carpet, folds on the chic gray curtains of the best fabrics pull the room to a height. The horizontal details of the moldings on the walls, the planes of the furniture and the gray bed with a low soft headboard harmonize the space.