Luxury Neoclassical Bedroom Interior

Katrina Antonovich — Head Designer in Luxury Antonovich Design

Katrina Antonovich — Head Designer in Luxury Antonovich Design


A bedroom in new classic style is still the dream of most people. This room is considered to be a symbol of comfort and peace in family. In the interior of this incredibly beautiful bedroom our designers chose neoclassicism as the main style. Thanks to it, we managed to combine classical proportions and principles with modern materials and decorative techniques. The interior of this bedroom, made in a modern classic style, is ideal for those who love luxury. This interior is able to help the owners of the house to show their excellent artistic taste.

Harmony of colors, natural texture, simplicity in lines and shapes — these factors are characteristic of the bedroom in neoclassical style from Luxury Antonovich Design. In the design of this beautiful bedroom amazing crystal chandelier and other lighting fixtures depend not only on the illumination, but also on the aesthetics and perception of the interior composition. The furniture in this bedroom is characterized with sophistication and comfort.

The professional approach of our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design to the interior of the bedroom implies the development of planning solutions, in which the layout of the furniture is thought out. For the design of the bedroom modern interpretation of the classics fits perfectly.


The bedroom from the leading designers of Luxury Antonovich Design is a room in which you come not only to sleep, but to spend time comfortably, getting aesthetic pleasure. This interior was made for true connoisseurs of high and sophisticated style. Classic notes in the interior of the bedroom are present in every detail.

Custom-made wooden furniture is always an advantage, which gives the uniqueness and exquisiteness to the atmosphere in the bedroom. Our team managed to select furniture sets individually for this interior, — the tone of the wood, which is more appropriate to the style of the room, the texture of the fabrics for amazing curtains combined with the rest of the textiles in the design.

The bed in the center of the room is definitely a winning option, using this advantage in the center of the ceiling above the bed made a decorative border that visually repeats the shape of the sleeping area. Soft high headboard gives some tenderness, and decorative mirror panels with beautiful patterns on both sides of the bed give the room airiness and spaciousness.