Relaxing outdoor pool


Katrina Antonovich - The exterior design genius
Katrina Antonovich - The exterior design genius


Warm season comes and goes, and with the hot weather approaching anytime soon, it is a great idea to put up a pool. Depending on the climate of a place of course. Having a swimming pool in your yard is a cozy advantage that will be enjoyable both for homeowners like you, and your guests.  There are different types of swimming pool. There's a classic rectangular shape which is perfect for practicing swimming and doing lapses. In this model, you will see that the pool has a customed shape that is unique from others. It also has a little bit of a roof above the half of it which also covers the recreational area where you can sit and relax whenever you're not swimming. This outdoor elegant pool can be used for parties as well if you want to hold a pool party or even a barbecue weekend, this space is perfect.  


Having a pool at home gives you a sense of joy and tranquility. The jacuzzi in this outdoor pool adds value to the whole aesthetic of the space. This is nothing but a dream to many of our clients and our team has figured out all the ways on how to develop and add an outdoor pool into our constructions. You will see that the fittings of the furniture also complements the outdoor space. It is because we make sure that there is enough space to move around for events and parties. Adding a pool to your home is a nice attraction to your home it also adds fun energy where kids and even adult can enjoy. Luxury Antonovich Design also makes sure of the safety of everyone. The built-in stairs in the pool are surely intact and there is grass around where you can step on to avoid slipping off especially when your feet are wet. The creative pool is also designed with a beautiful landscape that makes the room look more airy and fresh. These landscapes add another focal point into the outdoor space. It is the perfect unwinding spot especially if you've had a long day and you just want to relax. 


The unique luxurious look that the pool adds to your home is very much unwinding. Having this type of space should be done by professionals. That's why the Luxury Antonovich Design aims to deliver the best exterior designs for their clients. The value of living is very important and our architects want only the best for our clients. Just like you, we all also want a beautiful home. We want a home to look good and feel good for our clients to make them experience a perfectly designed space just for them. 

Big or small we can do it all. Our amazing professionals will always be there to guide you and help you achieve the dream exterior design that you have always wanted.