Modern white and gold dining interior


White and gold are both amazing colors that reflect elegance and richness. It makes a perfect dining space for any household. These amazing colors make every room bright and warm. The reflection that gold color give to your home gives a great impact that accents and highlights every home fixture that you have. It's a fascinating color which attracts a positive and cheerful atmosphere.

Katrina Antonovich - Creative dining interior designer
Katrina Antonovich - Creative dining interior designer

You will notice that in this model design shown that the primary color used is white. White reflects cleanliness which makes a dining space look more pleasing. Of course, everyone wants a clean and neat space. It gives a certain peace of mind to you and your guests. Our professionals do not only aim to make your dining space look good but they also make you feel good about your interior.

You will notice a few details in this model such as the following: 

  • Color: The palette chosen to design this dining area is white and gold. A great combination of two contrasting colors that makes the room stand out. 
  • Furniture: A great dining interior is never complete without a complementing dining table and chairs. You will notice that the dining table is a clear glass which is one of the most modern styles there is in the world of interior design.


A timeless design will surely be able to highlight your home for a very long time. You will see that the elements in this dining room are a mixture of modern and contemporary. Our amazing designers make sure to customize each dining space that they design to make sure that it is characterized by their clients. The simple yet elegant look makes the dining room interior look more luxurious. 

Here are some elements that our team considers when designing a dining room interior: 

  • Accent piece: The accent piece serves as a main focal point in a dining room. In this model, the first thing you will notice is the beautiful chandelier with crystal fringe and gold laser carved decor.
  • Lighting: Aside from the chandelier's illuminating beauty, there are also pin lights all over the ceiling that adds extra light to the dining room when needed. It's pinned within the ceiling to maintain the clean and crisp aesthetic of the dining room. 
  • Texture: A room is never complete without different elements. Texture plays a huge part in the dining area to make it a fun space to feel and look at. The marble floor, the glass dining table, the velvet cushions, and the metallic accents. All of these elements make up a great dining experience. 

The Luxury Antonovich Design company is one of the best in the industry. You'll never go wrong with choosing them as your designer and architect. From the main parts of your home to the smallest detail they will surely give your home a whimsical spin of unique design.