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Revitalizing Indoor Pool Layout


Swimming is an amazing recreation activity especially on warmer days – or even after a stressful day. It is a great relaxing amenity that everyone must have. Having a personal indoor pool is perfect for you especially if you are looking for privacy. The Luxury Antonovich Design specializes in building, maintaining, and rehabilitating any type of swimming pool and even water features. We are one of the companies that have amazing design innovations and amazing process of workmanship. Our team is fully equipped to design sophisticated and high-end swimming pools to make sure that we deliver the best and exceed our client's expectations. It is important that you invest in a contractor that will definitely provide you the best results. We have a vast selection of pool designs and this includes the indoor pool which is perfect for having quality time with your family. Having an indoor pool should be placed on the most ground floor of your home. We first inspect and make sure that the location for your indoor pool is safe and can be installed with proper electronics and pipings. We take to consider your lot area and make sure that the pool shape is complementing the space. Like in this model pool design we created a rectangular shape with customized round edges which adds a touch of uniqueness to your pool area. 


This indoor pool is a French-inspired chateau which is prestigious for recreational and wellness. This complementary house feature is perfect for outdoors and even indoors. Indoor pools add an exquisite place inside the house which offers a fun environment for everyone. These are not just another addition to your home, but consider it as an essential to your home planning. Our team will make sure that the planning is practical and pleasant. 

  • Flooring: The flooring is graced with marble flooring with intricate decorative patterns alongside of the pool area. These are inlaid floral patterns which adds a decadent look to the floor design.
  • Quality materials: We make sure to install the best and top-quality materials in your home to avoid compromising the value of your pool space. 
  • Windows: Our team makes sure that the area is consciously surrounded by windows to let natural light inside the premises. It also helps with the ventilation of the area to avoid moisture and humid in the pool area. 
  • Lighting:  We make sure to add durable led lights which are easy to install and can be easily controlled. Proper lighting is a necessary element to make sure that the area is safe. It also adds a nice cozy ambiance with its adjustable dim lighting solution. 
  • Design: Looking at the design you will instantly notice a more art-deco feel and vibe in this pool area. It makes the space unique and it adds a certain colloquial vibe to the area.  

Lounge and plunge into the water as you take the time to relax in your own private indoor pool. To learn more about our projects feel free to send us a message and together let us make your dream space come true. We assure you that you will love every piece of this intimate space. 

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