Hall of Luxury


A hall is the welcoming space of your home. It is the small space after your main door which connects straight to the living room. It is one of the most indispensable areas of your home because it reflects your send of style and taste which represents your status. The first thing that your guests would notice would be the interior design of your hall which our team intends to look classy which will give an amazing impression of what your home is like. Our team will make sure to adjust our designs according to your hall's size and dimensions to make it look more customized. Look into this article and see the different elements of hall design. 


Our team of professionals also makes sure to apply the technicalities with this interior hall design. The bright contrast of gold against the neutral walls create a nice fascinating ambiance which makes the hall interior look more dramatic. Our designers will take your interior design to a new direction with rich colors and cultural patterns that lights up the whole space. The rich materials followed by whimsical luxurious elements create a beautiful aesthetic to the hall. Looking at the interior as a whole you'll notice the hyper-luxurious look which creates a statement that the hall is well designed with fabulous pieces. Our designers have sourced top quality materials that will give you an amazing look of the mid-century era vibe. The lively looking hall has a bright appearance which is trendy and perfect for luxury homes. 

  • The staircase: In this model design the hall has an extravagant staircase with intricate ornate carvings. The proportion is symmetrical to make the staircase look streamlined elegant. 
  • Statement mirrors: Expand your entrance with the impact of stylish mirrors that is an epitome of the neoclassical era. Mirrors are an amazing starting place which adds glamour to your hall design. This twin mirror acts as a symmetrical piece which frames the hall design to draw the eye towards the interior of the room. 
  • Chandelier: Of course, a good focus piece is a must that is why we placed this crystal chandelier just right in the middle of the hall. This is a great eye-catching piece that will amaze all your guests. 

The different elements of the decor can bring changes to the look of each home. Halls can be filled and designed to make it look classy and mesmerizing. Our team is ready to revamp your home with amazing creativity and a style that will boost your character. Feel free to send us a message for more information about our amazing interior design projects.