Luxurious Family Lounge


This spacious overlooking family lounge is very extraordinary as it gives the family enough space to talk and enjoy their free time. It has huge glasses that connect to the veranda. The center table is equally gorgeous that is also partnered with a huge lamp. The walls complement the red sofas. Its marble details are amazing with shiny accents on the side. Your home is your happy place, and we want to provide the best place for you and your family. With Luxury Antonovich Design, you are sure to have a place that is luxurious, sophisticated, modern yet ergonomic and cozy. We are flexible in our terms and we will guide you with your chosen look and feel of your home. Our services include the most meticulous in the interior design industry! We are the provider of the best interior designs in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Luxury Antonovich Design remains to be the top priority in the world of architecture and interior design. The best luxury designs are here for you and your family. Our interior design expertise is a top notch in the world. The designs we create are of quality and we make sure that our clients are happy and contented.

Katrina Antonovich - Award-Winning Family Lounge Designer


Red provides energy, sentiment, and can be an emotional point of convergence in a room. But since of its energy, a few property holders veer far from utilizing this shading. It might put on a show of being excessively solid and domineering as opposed to making a wonderful impression. Look how red makes this family lounge area welcoming. Supplement your red sofa with white walls, baseboard, and white details to tone down its sensational impact. Furniture pieces don't need to be red. Don't hesitate to utilize pieces that sport other impartial hues like dark or dim. A red furniture piece can without much of a stretch turn into the point of convergence in a room. Highlight pieces and embellishments don't need to come in nonpartisan hues. They can be designed, as long as they have dosages of red or hues that run well with red like this gorgeous family lounge. Paint your walls in a profound shade to make them look complex. Still somewhat careful about utilizing red in vast dosages? All you require is a red, comfortable seat, a side table, and your most loved design. Keep the look refreshed by utilizing a cutting edge seat, similar to this furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design. On the off chance that you need to include red in little portions, you can utilize red frill like pillows on this sofa. A fly of red can quickly liven up an impartial space.