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Trendy luxury interior design

Luxury Home Design

This amazing home interior design is filled with the most prestigious furniture design set up and decorations with the most exquisite design setting. This luxury home design has a very high standard when it comes to every design details and arrangement of each area to create the most remarkable interior design setting in exactly according to the full requirement of the client/owner. Since that the house has a very wide scope of area, Luxury Antonovich Design team has performed the most meticulous space planning procedure to achieve the most functional and perfect balancing in all areas. This luxury home design was indeed one of the most challenging residential projects that have been performed by the Luxury Antonovich Design as it has different forms of luxuriousness and exquisite design arrangements.

From the flooring schemes, there is a set of very stylish and artistic forms of exquisite materials such as the water jet and marble arrangement. Most of the major areas have a very special design arrangement for the flooring as it has a very unique style requirement which has a solid hard wood effect. This luxury home design also has a detailed requirement in every walls design, that instead of using a typical paint covering the walls, the design team has performed very artistic wall carvings and installed a set of wall panelling design is the most luxurious style. With special touches of gold, every wall is filled with white hue which represents an extra luxury and classy mood. This luxury home design has a spectacular se of ceiling design, wherein every major area has different artistic state of the art aesthetic perfections. With very creative ceiling details, Luxury Antonovich Design has selected a handmade stained glass decoration that emphasizes every lighting arrangement. When it comes to lighting design, the designed team has meticulously selected the best chandeliers and lighting arrangement that creates a perfect balance of brightness to cover every area. Luxury Antonovich Design has performed a very luxurious fireplace design arrangement that level up the cosiness of the entire interior setting. Most of the furniture that has been implemented has a customized design and sizes to be able to fit in every interior set up into the most accurate style. Consistency in style is very important to sustain in performing a luxury interior design home, though it was indeed such a challenging task, a great hard work and design expertise would be the greatest requirement to be able to achieve the most remarkable interior design for home.

Luxury Antonovich Design has consistently developed every bedroom interior design with the exact design requirement and mood. The design team has managed to perform the most comfortable and cozy atmosphere towards every bedroom interior design at the same time achieved the perfect form of elegance and style. Each bedroom features a different artistic design features most especially when it comes to the hand painted walls with a state of the art features. Each fabrics and finishing are made up of the finest texture that level up the coziness of every bedroom interior.

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