Residential building design from construction company in Abuja Luxury Antonovich Design is the creation of elite projects in line with fashion trends and modern technologies. In the 21st century, the ancient expression "My home - my castle" is still relevant and understandable. With all the desire to create an impressive creative aesthetic image, the development of home design and apartments, one mandatory rule should be remembered.  Indeed, comfortable, modern accommodations - a combination of many factors. External magnificence, and skillfully created an interior design, complemented by the possibilities of modern technology in terms of quality of ventilation, excellent sound insulation, the ideal climate in the house construction company Nigeria, smart home systems and modern ways of the lighting of interiors and exteriors.  Therefore, modern design projects of houses begin to create with the construction of engineering communications, selecting the best construction and finishing materials, the security system designing.Only the comfort and ease of use of each component of the housing allows making it really comfortable, convenient and safe house building.

Construction of interior space

In most urban residences designers are limited to a small area of premises, a standard layout, low ceilings, which reduces the number of possible interior solutions building drawing. When designing the interior decoration of individual cottage or country house opportunities for realization of creative ideas is much richer and more diverse. But the factors that should be considered in this process is much greater, for example:

  •     Architectural features of the exterior
  •     The internal layout building contractors as a whole and each premise individually
  •     Features of the surrounding house terrain
  •     The orientation of the house towards to the sun (important for lighting design)
  •     The specifics of internal engineering systems (air conditioning, heating system) and much more

The analysis of all these nuances in conjunction with a conceptual understanding of the wishes of the owner of the mansion can achieve building a harmonious in every way the house interior.  Fashion is changeable, and the style is constant.  Experts unanimous in their opinion, that the interior of private houses, in any case, should not be eclectic.As part of a stylistic direction, it is possible to realize a variety of trends in separate rooms. But all together, they must embody a single concept and idea, thought-out and verified to the smallest details. Best construction company in Nigeria Harmony in our environment is one of the essential components of the emotional balance, coziness, and rest of all residents of the house.
The number of house interior design styles is truly limitless engineering construction companies Nigeria. You should be guided not so much on the new trends that may soon become completely irrelevant, but to your own taste and attitude. Classic and modern, high-tech and Baroque, Country style(Provence) and retro - these trends tested for years. Among these styles and many variations, sure to find one that most closely matches your preferences and the ideas of a perfect home.  In addition, modern technologies to help professional interior designers. A common practice is 3D-visualization of the interior project building construction.This allows maximum visualize your ideas and suggestions, promptly make the necessary adjustments and additions.

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