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The living room decor in interior design projects

At all times, man has sought to surround himself with beauty and comfort in the own home. Delicate persons and true connoisseurs of beauty choose a classic style. For this style of decorating, an integral part is a stucco molding. In modern classic, interior designers successfully improvising, combining such styles as Baroque, Rococo, Empire and Art Deco. For all of these styles, is perfect stucco decoration in the sitting room decoration pictures.

Stucco moldings decoration in the interior - it is beauty in the details

To choose elements of the stucco decoration in the interior, required a lot of talent and professionalism. It is very important to keep a perfect balance living room interior decoration. In order to the interior decoration Nigeria was perfect and harmonious. Production of a stucco moldings for the elite projects we trust to professional sculptors. For the most respectable villas, we design an exclusive stucco decoration, which is made of plaster. Ready-made elements of the stucco interior decoration for sitting room are also very popular in the interiors of different directions. Stucco molding made of polyurethane, the price of which is sufficiently democratic, frequently used to optimize the costs of repair. At the same time polyurethane moldings visually almost indistinguishable from plaster. If glimpse into the history, the decorative moldings appeared in antiquity. And since been this decoration is a sign of respectability and aristocratism. Stucco decorations made of plaster used for decoration of palaces and residences. The peculiarity of this decor element, lovely feature, a play of light and shade.Interiors are becoming artistic and expressive and versatile. After all, this game is changeable, depending on the lighting and time of day.

Of course, the best choice - its decorative stucco moldings made of plaster.It is surprisingly sculpturesque material by nature. Also, gypsum has excellent properties such as the durability and environmental friendliness.Namely, gypsum is resistant to the effects of temperature changes and humidity.And if the stucco molding installation carried out qualitatively, such decor will delight more than one generation the family by its perfection.Also, stucco decorations are susceptible to restoration.We have the good fortune to observe it beauty in the luxurious palaces around the world, which built hundreds of years ago. Plaster moldings, photos of which you can explore in our portfolio of sitting room decoration photos, demonstrates how sophisticated and elegant home decoration photos can be. As elements of the stucco decoration can act, cornices, moldings, boiserie elements, capitals of columns and frames of mirrors. Everything depends on the ideas of the interior designer and the image that corresponds to the design concept.

In addition, stucco decoration can be covered with gold leaf, patinated or decorative paints.

Such accents help to make the interior an especially beautiful.And we do not recommend to dismiss stucco decorations of polyurethane.The collection, which is presented in our showroom Antonovich Design lot of ready-made exquisite items.This is a great opportunity not only to optimize the costs of creating the interior but also to speed up its implementation images of interior decoration. Installation of such moldings is very simple. Luxury in the interior - its always a very extensive and multifaceted concept.And stucco decorations one of those things living room decoration pictures, which designers of studio Antonovich Design actively use in their projects.

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Stucco moldings decoration elements  in the interior

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